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....to my very own part of the World Wide Web.

OK...My purpose in life...no that is private information :-)

Let me first tell you the proposed purpose of creating this site.

  • Firstly: it started out as a means to catalogue my collection of comics. But eventually I split up that single page into various pages and soonafter I decided I wanted to do more with HTML.
    So I started to add texts and cool scripts I found.
  • So the purpose of my site changed. And it went beyond comics! I wanted to introduce myself to the world. A FAMILY-department was added.
  • Then I got the idea of adding not only pictures but to create little tributes to various artists/characters I loved. And still I added more layers to my catalogue of comics and my script-collection!
  • Those little tributes turned out to become complete fansites in the case of Aria, John Carter, Eric Basaldua, Hack/Slash, Marvel Zombies, and Tarot and my site grew bigger and bigger.
  • Years before actually creating this site I got thinking about my own website. And the idea of the general website you see all around the WWW was not good enough for my site.
    In those days I wanted to add more chaos instead of the organized sites you saw everywhere. And as soon as my site grew bigger and bigger I added my taste of chaos!!
    Because I have these intrests and I have over 500 pages of information now, I could NOW finally create my own town, my own city, my own labyrinth, my own chaos, my own whateveryouwanttocallit in my own piece of heaven!!
    I added little pages (like an essay on the color black/negro) everywhere, hid links (whosipantha?) and pictures where I could find a place and now (januari 2004) I have a great site (at least I think so) with all these corners and whenever you look closely you can find some more around the next corner. My very own labyrinth!!!!

    I did create a menu to float in top of most site but they are like crossings to hop into a new town and look overthere. The menus are just the crossings...you have 7 crossings with almost 70 roads to travel. But I have well over 500 pages for you to visit so...enjoy the quest for those hidden treasures and come back often!!

    I like it here and certainly hope you will have as much fun as I have in both making this site and travelling these very roads and corners and crossings and hideouts I made in my virtual town!!!

    Go to the sitemap if you want to visit everything and might have another browser then Internet Explorer!! With IEX you can also view the floating menus and visit the NEWSTUFF-department and this way easily navigate!!

    This site was tested with FIREFOX and worked fine then :-p
    If you got some problems download this best browser EVER (free downloadable) and enjoy my site!!