The creator of Lady Death and the rest of the Chaos! cosmos, Brian Pulido, brings his inimitable brand of dark mayhem to Avatar Press with several new titles in 2004. Readers will get their first taste of the terror with the Brian Pulido's Belladonna Preview in June and in the FCBD preview, Back in Black: Brian Pulido Unleashed at Avatar Press, to be released on Free Comic Book Day, July 3.

First Pressrelease: Pulido's line up for 2004

Pulido talks FreeComicBookDay 2004

Pulido's interview section

Pulido announces Lady Death at Avatar

Comics at Avatar

Latest news:
25/05/2005: LD Med #7, LD Wicked 1/2, LD abandon all hope #3, Gypsy #1, War Angel #1 variant, LD Med #2 variant, LD AAH #1/2 variant, LD Swimsuit variant, LD Leather and Lace variant, Unholy #2 variant.
19/04/2005: Lady Death Medeival/Classic pics and sollicitations, Belladonna/Medeival lady Death crossover, Unholy-update.
29/03/2005: Lady Death Medeival/Classic update, Belladonna/Medeival lady Death crossover, Unholy-update, Moviemonster-update, Lady Death pinupart update, Pulido interview on Movie Monsters.
31/01/2005: Lady Death Medeival/Classic update, Unholy-update, Warangel-update.
28/10/2004: Put up variantcovers to Belladonna #1, covers en synopsis to Belladonna #5, Unholy #2, Lady Death Swimsuit 2005 and made a complete new entrypage for Lady Death.

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