Above you can doubleclick on the photos I took of the room where I have put all my comics and other stuff I like.

Also in this room are my videocassettes and DVD's of Disney, Muppets and others (Terminator, Jurassic Parc, Crow, Robocop, Matrix, Dracula, Alien, What About Bob?, Groundhog Day, Tombraider, Spider-Man, Lord Of The Rings, Armageddon, The Rock,...)

And we gathered the books my wife and I like to read in this room;
I like to read Stephen King, Clive Barker, Stephen Donaldson, Feist, Poppy Z. Brite, Michael Crighton, Anne Rice, Eric Van Lustbader, Wim Gijssen, Katherine Kerr, Gregory Keyes...So mostly fantasy and SF.
My wife does NOT like to read those, lets leave it at that :-) !!!!! Especially since this is MY part of the web :-p

Notice also the action figures I have gathered.
One of SPAWN, standing on a base of skulls and rats,
One of VAMPIRELLA in a graveyard holding a stake with a full moon in the background,
One of KABUKI, standing on the grave of her mother, holding her battle-sickles.
All of these are beautifully rendered and accurately detailed and true three-dimensional reflections of the characters of the 2D-comicpages. I bought these action figures mainly because statues are just too expensive in my opinion. So these are the best alternative and they R beautifull!!!!
I also received a gift at one time: TIFFANY (the Bitch from Heaven) from the MacFarlane-line of toys.That was great but made me promise my wife that I will not buy any more figures. And since I do not have sole-rights to that room I figured I agree and will wait until I have my own comic-room and then add Witchblade, Darkchylde and Purgatory...

So now I have my own 15 m2 room, we all lovingly call "book-room" with a couch, my desk and ofcourse lots of shelves which now also carry actionfigures of Cavewoman, Darkchylde (special and chase), Witchblade, Spider-man, Crow, Conan, Warrior Nun Areala and Lady Death.

Also see some of collected artwork.
wall of fame 10 2007 autographed Darkchylde poster autographed Darkchylde poster Tombraider Witchblade supersized Part of my Darkchylde collection
Cho signed this for me signed in 1999 signed in 1998 in Haarlem, Holland
Paul gulacy and Jimmy Palmiotti original art Trailerpark Of Terror by amanda connor Red Riding Hood by Romano Molenaar -- Litho signed and personalised Dogwitch postcard Dogwitch Xmas card 2003 original art
Vampirella by Marlon Theunissen on FACTS 2006 Black Cat by Billy Tucci at the FACTS 2006 Vampirella sketch by Liam Sharp at the FACTS 2005 Zombie Spidey 2007 as a token by Suydam for making a cool website!!! Spawn sketch by Dwayne Turner at Stripdagen Convention in 1999


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