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Boom Art Department
Broken Frontier
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Update JUNE 2013:

Personal Word of the Webmaster :
It has been a while (SEP 2012!!) since the last update. Life happened in fortunately good ways; organising the F.A.C.T.S.-convention as well reporting for Broken Frontier and starting a new website Comics For Sinners.
On top of that I just started by new Art Agency, called Boom Art Department (B.A.D. for short) to help out some artists I know on a more professional level. But that does not mean I slacked in collecting images :)

If you want to have more up-to-date pictures I guess you should check out Eric's Facebook and Facebook or CAF or Deviantart.
Everything WILL eventually be collected into my very own massive site, which in Q1 was offline for the FIRST time EVER because of heavy trafficing due to a LOT of Ebas-interest!! So here it goes! 70 new pics y´all !!!

And please no deeplinking because that will just shut the website down!

Richard Boom a.k.a. boomvavavoom

STOLEN ART: Ebas artwork stolen at SDCC 2010 !!!!!.

Sketches: still 2 do
Commissions: Dejah Thoris, Nancy Callahan, Red Sonja topless, Mary Jane, Emma playing volleyball, Supergirl/MaryMarvel, Catwoman/Powergirl swapping clothes, Weapon X, Michonne, Resident Evil, Viking.
Covers: Notti & Nyce-covers, J.P.Roth-covers, BDI-covers as well as some Zenescope covers, some even TOPLESS !! WOOHOOOOO.

Boom's Ebas art: still 2 do
Fancentral: split up in colored and inked pieces as well Ebas Live, yet still with a frontpage with all the new pieces.
Ebas Live: still 2 do
Fancentral Colored Art: still 2 do
Fancentral Inked Art: still 2 do
Fancentral Colored Art: still 2 do

I HAVE A CAMEO!!! in "Darkness Level Three"!!

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If anybody is interested in a limited F.A.C.T.S.-print, then let me know. Still some left!
special print for the FACTS convention in 2008

Art Comission
Now get your Ebas-commission colored or inked by pro's! Contact
Boom Art Department

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