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A Biography of sorts...

Eric Luis Basaldua (born August 28, 1980 and often credited as Ebas) began his career (inking) at Top Cow Productions in 2000 under the direct tutelage of founder, Marc Silvestri. His early pencilling credits include Magdalena, Witchblade/Wolverine, Darkness/Vampirella (written by SiP's Terry Moore) and Tomb Raider.

Basaldua often works very closely with Silvestri, stepping in to provide art for Hunter-Killer #7 and #8 as well as assisting Silvestri on character designs. Basaldua's most recent work can be seen in "Witchblade/Devi" #1 , written by Ron Marz, which happens to be the first ever crossover that Virgin Comics has engaged in. Eric also can be seen in the first ever Witchblade Annual.

His list of interior artwork:

Visit the Eric Basaldua site: http://www.ericbasaldua.com
Visit his MySpace: http://profile.myspace.com/12654283
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