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Me, Myself and I

The Darkness Level 3

Blood Legacy

TR 46

TR 47

Witchblade #92cover by Anacleto but some interiors by Ebas




Monster War #1 Monster War #1 Magdalena vs. Dracula
Monster War #2 Monster War #2 tombraider versus wolfmen
Monster War #3 Monster War #3 Witchblade versus Frankenstein Monster
Monster War #4 Monster War #4 darkness versus Hyde
Red Sonja #16
Red Sonja 16

Battlestar Galactica
Battlestar Galactica 4 reprint cover

TR 48


Return to Wonderland issue one

GFT 21
GFT 21 with logo

GFT 25
GFT 25

Bearers of the Blade San Diego 2006 comicon variant special

2006 TopCow Sketchbook

2007 comicon Sketchbook I got as a birthdaypresent from Inflames

My own Jayco's
WWtx2007 special convention cover

Vampirella JayCompany issue
Vampirella #12
Vampirella second Jayco exclusive colored version

Exclusive covers
Witchblade #37
Witchblade #37

EXP-Comics kooperiert mit Top Cow und Infinity und bringt exklusiv für den deutschen Markt zwei Witchblade - Neue Serie #37 Onlinecover heraus. Gezeichnet wurde das Cover von Eric Basaldua und die Kolorierung stammt von Hi-Fi. Voraussichtlich Ende April wird das auf 333 Exemplare limitierte Farbcover und das auf nur 111 Exemplare limitierte Sketchcover im Online-Store erhältlich sein.

German EXP variant
Pinup in Fathom Swimsuit Edition
Fathom SS
Pinup in Fathom Swimsuit Edition

My personal Ebas Origina Artwork (3 ink-commissions, one sketch and one cMummy-commission)
Harley and Batgirl

Inker Reyes

Inker Reyes

Inker Reyes

Gift from Deianara
Hot Mummy
Big scan (2,6 MB)
Hot Mummy
Color Commission by Lasahido


I have been collecting Dutch comics since I was maybe 10. Getting mostly Spider-Man, my comicuniverse at that time was not all that big. In my teens I did quit some collecting already. Chick-comics like Tina/Debbie/Penny I also devoured but still my heart was very fond off my Spidey collection. Then in my late teens I discovered a comicspecialtystore and found out that also imported comics could be within reach and within months I dropped my Dutch comics and started to gather Vampirella (Harris) comics and loads of Image titles like Spawn, Avengelyne, Aria, Darkchylde, Witchblade, Darkness....
It was only a matter of time I started noticing that comics are actually driven by the creative forces of creators and artists and that was when I really connected to my comics, from that time even noticing inkers, letterers and colorists to evaluate their contributions.

Some names struck a cord with me....Mark Millar, Todd McFarlane, Jay Anacleto, Zeu, Michael Turner, Silvestri, Amanda Conner, Palmiotti, Justin Gray, Grant Morrisson, Richard Starkings, Jim Balent, Dream Design, Peter Steigerwald, Joe Weems, Miki, Joe Jusko, Batt, Tim Seeley, Finch, Arthur Suydam, William Tucci, Frank Cho....and many more!!

And suddenly there was this artist that got a contract over at this day I just still do not know exactly whát it is about his artwork, but it hit my like a MAC-truck. At this point I do not even WANT to analyse it at all and I just want to ride this magical feeling as long as it lasts....

Thank you, Eric Luis Basaldua...
For making my comicbookexperience that more magickal, that more tintilizing and that more far-reaching then I ever imagined it could ever be.

This fansite is a tribute to all your amazing artwork.
I know I can not have all your artwork, but at last in digital format I can be so selfish and really try to have the biggest EBAS-ART place in the WWWorld!!


AND guess who made a cameo in "Darkness Level Three"...yup...your fanboy maintaining this site!!
"Richard Boom" aka "boomvavavoom" aka "Boom, R."
Get his face OFF :)