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In the course of creating my website I created also some fansites/galleries and fanclubs. Here is a listing of all of those sites:

You can come visit at my 'Bad Grrl Comic's Fan Club at Yahoo or my Vampirella-model Maria Di Angelis fanclub at Yahoo.

I also created some fansites for my own entertainment and my need to archive the best looking pictures...

Jay Anacleto-gallery collecting his best pictures...all :-) of them...ARIA, Vampirella, @thena Inc.
@thena Inc.-gallery collecting pictures to this great comicseries.
ARIA-gallery collecting the covers and other pics to this great comicseries.
Broadsword-gallery collecting amazing covers of Jim Balent's TAROT and Holly Golightly's amazing drawings.
John Carter FANSITE collecting fantasypictures by the likes of Joe Jusko and Boris Valleijo..
Cavewoman-gallery collecting mu fav pictures on this gal from the past.
Phoenix-gallery: pics and the saga
Greg Horn: a tribute to this amazing artist!
Darkchylde-gallery collecting mu fav pictures on this nightmarish blonde.
Red Sonja-gallery collecting fantasypictures on the redhead.
Texeira is a master and deserves a fansite!!
cover of Sad Wings Of Destiny Joe Jusko: master of fantasy
Michael Turner-gallery collecting my favorite pictures of Fathom, Witchblade and Aspen MLT.
Mike Deodato Jr
Vampirella-gallery collecting my favorite Vampirella-pictures.
Sascha Knopf-gallery collecting my favorite 'Sascha as Vampirella'-pictures and also the infamous Playboy-photo's..
David Mack: creator of Kabuki, writer/artist on Daredevil/X-men

Favorite Pics: here I put up all my favorite pictures I gathered from the WWW and that are quite rare or beautiful.
Art page: Here I am collecting some of the most amazing black and white erotic art (photography) I have found...PS Nudity inside!!!
Micro site: go here to see the total collection of Microheroes I have gathered and used in my US and NL-comics site.

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