I just think this would make my site even more complete. You see, when I first started collecting comics I also started to go on the Internet also at that same time. Combine these two things and you KNOW I was spending time saving great comicpictures on floppy :-)
At another time I started making a great site on my computer with this great program and added a lot of those images into this site. But when I tried to upload the site it wouldn't work :-( So it was a stupid program after all and all my time was wasted). Eventually the idea of a site began to grow even more however and my knowledge of HTML and conversing a TXT-file into a HTML-file was big enough so I started from scratch.
But there are still some great pictures I want to share with the WWWorld...so now it is time to create another chapter to my evergrowing site...
PS if you want to look at a how my room looks like with all the comics in there: Click......

I also want to let you know about my John Carter FANSITE where I collect the greatest, most beautifull pics on John Carter, Warlord of Mars and his wife princess Dejah Thoris!!!!!!

The fantastic poster to the Tombraider movie
A great Double Impact wallpaper by Ricky Carallero
A fantastic photomanipulation of Witchblade by 4F
A fantastic photomanipulation of Vampirella (model=Sascha Knopf) by 4F, send to me by LostSoul
Most beautifull wraparoundcover of Darkchylde
Amazing Darkchylde by Keu Cha wallpaper with awesome rose-background
My very own version of a Kabuki wallpaper, made out of pics found on the old NohTV-site
Kabuki Skin Deep collaboration of Alex Ross and David Mack
My most cherished and admired fantasypiece EVER by Boris Valleijo
Vampirella sitting on a skull by Boris Valleijo
Blooddrenched wallpaper of Vampirella
My favorite picture of Sascha Knopf as Vampirella
Wallpaper of Smiley-The Psychotic Button- made by Chaosfiend-prez on my requezzzz
Alex Ross goes SPAWN!!!
Combine a Spider-Man-costume and Mary Jane Watson and artist Greg Horn
Michael Turner's rendition of Witchblade in bikini outfit...amazing piece of art!!
Sara Pezzini and Aspen Matthews together in a waterfall-setting

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