Hackoween DRAW-OFF Contest

Hi everyone!

Coming to http://www.halloweenman.com this Wednesday is the exciting first part of our epic crossover with Tim Seeley's hit Hack/Slash! Written by Drew Edwards, Halloween Man's creator, the webcomic is a fun take-no-prisoners action, horror, and parody machine! And it's free to read!

Our cover for the crossover is a tribute to the classic Freddy vs Jason poster (with pencils by David Baldeón, inks by me, colors by Marc Lewis). You can see it here: Forum Millarworld It's awesome. It's so incredibly awesome, it made us want to run a contest.

For the art contest, we'd like you to attempt to do something a bit similar. It's your challenge to make a cover featuring characters from Halloween Man and Hack/Slash, which is also a tribute to a classic horror movie poster (or video/dvd cover)!

The winner will receive a page of David Baldeón's original artwork, and second place will get a Halloween Man t-shirt, but all of the entrants will go into the special Hack/Slash tribute gallery at HalloweenMan.com! And will be seen by OVER EIGHT HUNDRED BILLION PEOPLE*!

Send your entries to hmartwork (at) gmail (dot) com. The deadline is October 28th, and entries will go up on www.halloweenman.com on October 31st - y'know, Halloween?

(*a lie.)

Source: ScottDMSimmons Blog



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