Written by Tim Seeley, art by Matt Merhoff, covers by Seeley, Tone Rodriguez and Chris Moreno.
Mayhem in the Big Easy! When Cassie & Vlad -- hunters of slashers -- track a vicious murderer to New Orleans, the Heart of Damballah is used to cause chaos with a crazy mind switch with... Chucky? Following the events of Seed of Chucky, everyone's favorite murderous doll is back, and looking for blood!
48 pages, $5.50. Sollicited for March 2007

November 15: Chucky to terrorize HACK/SLASH

What was the double entendre being thrown around when SEED OF CHUCKY came out in ’04? Oh yes—“Get a load of Chucky.” Well, open wide, ’cause the Chuckster is joining his bogeymen brethren in the comic-book universe. Except he’s not hunkering down with Freddy, Jason and Leatherface at Wildstorm, he’s eyeing Devil’s Due as his four-color killing grounds, courtesy of a new partnership between the publisher and Universal Studios.

Plans for Chucky’s debut are being plotted as we speak, but if the art at left is any indication, it appears he’ll eventually be going head to kneecaps with the heroine of DD’s popular horror series HACK/SLASH. What are the possibilities of this? Pretty damn good—just follow the breadcrumbs of clues: At the Burbank, CA Weekend of Horrors, the Devil’s Due gang hinted that a major crossover would occur pitting HACK/SLASH heroine Cassie against a “known Hollywood slasher.” Hmmm. It probably helps that HACK/SLASH is being developed as a feature-length film at Rogue—which is owned by Universal and was responsible for releasing SEED OF CHUCKY. Hmmm…

In a Devil’s Due press release, president Josh Blaylock had this to say: “In light of a popular resurgence of both horror movies and, more recently, horror comics, we thought fans might be ready for more Chucky. Devil’s Due’s infatuation with the horror genre isn’t a new one; the breakout cult success of Tim Seeley’s HACK/SLASH sparked more than enough interest to follow up with the horror/occult-themed LOST SQUAD, BLACK HARVEST and NIGHTWOLF, as well as a brief revival of the dormant Chaos Comics ghouls. We’re excited as can be to bring Chucky to comics. Coming up with ideas for the character is ‘child’s play.’ ”

This recent deal marks Chucky’s return to the four-color realm, actually; in the early ’90s, Innovation released a series of CHILD’S PLAY-related comics.

Source: Fangoria.com

December 7: First look: more HACK/SLASH Chucky covers!

As first reported here, the big screen’s pint-sized slasher Chucky isn’t down for the count just yet. Devil’s Due Publishing is resurrecting the li’l sucker for his own comic-book series, but not before exchanging blows with Cassie Hack, psycho hunter of HACK/SLASH. The pair meet in a one-shot book with H/S creator Tim Seeley writing the crossover event, and Devil’s Due was kind enough to send along a look at two more alternate covers (view the first by checking out the item linked above) you’ll be seeing when the book hits stands in March.

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Thanks to the work of slasher hunters Cassie Hack and her partner Vlad, Americans can again indulge in copious amounts of alcohol and wild sex without the fear of some twisted killer jumping out to deliver them to a gruesome and semi-ironic death. The Duo has encountered a variety of supernatural empowered serial killers, but soon they'll lock horns with a new type of fiend - a celebrity. This March, Cass and Vlad will tangle with one of the silver screen's most notorious slashers in the pages of "Hack/Slash vs. Chucky" a 48 page one-shot from Devil's Due Publishing. CBR News spoke with Hack/Slash writer Tim Seeley about the book.

"Hack/Slash vs. Chucky" came about because of a connection the characters share; a big screen adaptation of "Hack/Slash" is currently in development at Rogue Pictures, which is also the home of the "Chucky" film franchise. "Josh Blaylock [Devil's Due's President] and I went out to lunch with two of the execs at Rogue," Seeley told CBR News. "They were both young dudes, and more the fan type than the Hollywood type. We were BS-ing over lunch, and I mentioned that I'd love to do something with Chucky, thinking they'd throw their salads at me. But they were into the idea. Some paperwork and approvals later, and Chucky is in 'Hack/Slash!'"

The idea of Chucky battling his creations was especially appealing to Seeley because he's a fan of the cinematic exploits of the evil doll. "The Chucky flicks are unusual in that, among iconic film slashers, Chucky is the only one where all his films are good, not to mention that they pretty solidly follow their own rules," Seeley explained. "I love me some Jason, Freddy and Michael, but all of those guys have some utter stinkfests in their series. Chucky, probably because all his films are written by one guy, has consistently good flicks. My personal fave is 'Bride of Chucky.'"

Seeley feels the Chucky film's have a very important element to them which makes the possessed Good Guy doll the perfect foil for Cassie Hack. "Chucky works so well, in that there's always been a certain amount of dark humor to it," he stated. "Especially in 'Bride' and 'Seed' where you even get that sort of tongue-in-cheek nod to other slasher films. There's a shot in 'Bride' where we see a police evidence locker, and in it is Jason's mask and Freddy's glove -- I'd say that's the exact right feel for Hack/Slash."

Ever since "Hack/Slash vs. Chucky" became official, Seeley has been hoping for a chance to chat with Don Mancini, the man who created Chucky and wrote all five films in the series. "I really wanted to talk with him," Seeley said. "I dedicated the story to the guy! But, I haven't managed to get a hold of him yet."

Seeley hopes to please Mancini and the fans of his character with "Hack/Slash vs. Chucky." "I re-watched all the movies, surfed Chucky fan boards and worked my ass off to make a very Chucky-loyal story," Seeley explained. "I hope the Chucky fans can love me."

Writing "Hack/Slash vs. Chucky" turned out to be not as hard as Seeley originally though it might be. "At first I thought it'd be intimidating, since Chucky is instantly recognizable even if you haven't seen the movies -- but, when I got into writing it, the whole process was mostly filled with 'How cool is this?!!!' moments," Seeley explained.

"Hack/Slash" fans who don't know much about the Chucky movies and Chucky fans who've never picked up an issue of "Hack/Slash" will both be able to enjoy "Hack/Slash vs. Chucky." "Basically, if you know neither, or only one or the other, you'll be okay, since a bit of background is explained in the issue itself. But, the basic idea is really simple: Cassie and Vlad hunt slashers. Chucky is a serial killer trapped in the body of a doll. Mix and watch as plastic body parts fly."

When "Hack/Slash vs. Chucky" begins, Cassie Hack and Vlad are in hot pursuit of another fiend and have no idea that they're on a collision course with a plastic killer. "This story takes place not long after 'Slice Hard' [which hit stores December 20th]," Seeley stated. "The story picks right up as Cass and Vlad have been hunting down returned foe, Laura Lochs (from 'Girls Gone Dead'). They've made their way to New Orleans, home to voodoo, and find out pretty quickly what Laura is up to, and how it involves Mr. Lee Ray."

Charles Lee Ray's (AKA Chucky) story in the comic picks up shortly after the events of the last Chucky film, "Seed of Chucky." "This follows not long after Glen chopped up Chucky," Seeley said. "Since then, Chuck has been stewing in a box, waiting to be brought back."

Readers won't see Chucky's family members in "Hack/Slash vs. Chucky," but they will see much of the Katrina Ravaged New Orleans. "New Orleans plays a part in the story in that it's been established that Charles Lee Ray used voodoo to put himself in the Good Guys doll in the first place," Seeley stated. "So, in this story we see some of Chuck's connection to New Orleans, as well as Laura, who lost her spell book in GGD and has turned to a darker form of magic. I also wanted to play up the amazing amount of abandoned structures and creepiness to the outlying areas -- it's a good place to set a horror story."

Chucky's family doesn't show up in "Hack/Slash vs. Chucky," but Hack/Slash fans can expect to see a few familiar faces. "This story is a bit of a "Who's Who in the H/S Universe" story," Seeley explained. "Laura Lochs from 'GGD' is a major player, and you'll see some of the people Cass and Vlad have formerly saved, including the oft demanded return of Skottie Young!"

Past installments of "Hack/Slash" have included glimpses into the pasts of Cassie and Vlad, but Seeley didn't have room to shed more light on the duo's past in this chapter. "But there is a big battle between Cassie and Vlad," Seeley said.

Each issue of "Hack/Slash" includes heaps of humor and horror and with Cassie and Vlad matching wits with their first iconic killer readers should expect a lot more of both. "I believe having Chucky in any story ups the one-liner count by a factor of 10,"

Artist Matt Merhoff will be bringing to life most of the goofiness and gore in "Hack/Slash vs. Chucky" but readers can also expect some pages by another artist. "Matt is a former Top Cow Studios guy. He's really pretty amazing -- his Cassie is hot," Seeley stated. "Also, some ass named Tim Seeley drew three pages."

Chucky is the first celebrity slasher to cross paths with Cassie and Vlad, but Seeley hopes to include more silver screen psychos in future installments of "Hack/Slash." Also "H/S" fans may not have seen the last of Chucky. "I'm always up for more Chucky, and since we now have the comic rights, that seems quite possible," Seeley explained. "But, if any Hollywood guys out there want to bum me their slashers for an issue, I promise to return them only slightly used and dead. Clive Barker, I'm talking to you."

Seeley could only cryptically describe his plans for Cassie Hack and Vlad after "Hack/Slash vs. Chucky" but what he was able to say should make Hack/Slash fans very happy. "Next…Hack/Slash ongoing series!"

Source: CBR.CC


Chucky is perfect fodder for a comic book, and I always wondered why he never got one of his own. All the other big boys of horror got their books, was it because of his stature that no one picked him up?

Which is why I was so excited when Devil's Due announced that they had a bunch of projects based on Child's Play planned. First up was this, a mashup of Chucky with one of their best comics... Hack/Slash.

For those not familiar with Hack/Slash... what's wrong with you? Pick up the first trade and get started! The comic is about Cassie Hack, an angry goth girl, and her partner Vlad, a hulking monster of a man who's sorta like what Jason would be if he had a conscience. They go around from town to town hunting Slashers... supernaturally powered serial killers that never die the first time. You know, the kind in every slasher movie. This duo goes after them and kills them until they stay dead for real.

We meet up with them this time as they're on the way to destroy a slasher named Laura that got away from them even though they burned her to death. She's now a gauze-covered psychopath who's busy looking for a new body. Her search has led her to the laying place of one Charles Lee Ray, or rather the laying place of the plastic body he's currently inhabiting.

But it's not Chucky she's interested in. She wants his medallion. You know the one, the same one Chucky clutched as he tried to possess other people's bodies? (Ahh, see where this is going now?)

Laura takes Chucky out and manages to obtain the medallion. She then sets a trap for our two heroes, and as they're distracted by some undead friends of hers she screams the words ("Give me the power I beg of you!") and jumps into Vlad's body.

Oops. Now she's got an insane amount of physical power, and is about to embark on a killing spree. Laura/Vlad knocks Cassie out and leaves her with her former crispy body, which now contains a very much in pain Vlad. Barbequed flesh isn't exactly soothing. Cassie soon realizes that someone else has been left behind besides the two. Chucky is locked up under a trapdoor, but soon convinces Cassie to let him go so then can search for Laura together. They team up and hunt down the killer, even though things aren't exactly amicable between the group. Cassie keeps promising Chucky that she's going to kill him after they get Vlad's body back, and has to keep restrain Chucky from killing people.

Chucky fans will be pleased to note that his humor's completely intact here, funny to the point of making you laugh out loud at parts. Seeley didn't overdue it with the oneliners, but they're cleverly used and make the experience a lot more fun. They ring true to the character as well... you can imagine Brad Doriff's voice saying all of Chucky's lines.

It's also pretty damn gory. We've got all sorts of deaths here, and they're just as bloody as Chucky likes them, the little psychopath. Zombies also appear to fit in with all the voodoo going on, and get to munch down on some people.

Now of course at the end things are left hanging with a somewhat predictable coda. After all, there's a 5 issue Chucky miniseries coming out in April (written by Brian Pulido and drawn by Josh Medors), and Hack/Slash is about to go monthly with Emily Stone as artist and Tim Seeley back in full form. If this story is any indication, Seeley still has it in him to make compelling stories that any horror fan will love.

A great one-shot comic.

Source: Creature Corner


Review by: Blake M. Petit
Quick Rating: Very Good

Cassie Hack's greatest challenge? Teaming up with the psycho doll called Chucky!

Writer: Tim Seeley
Pencils: Matt Merhoff
Colors: Wed Dzioba
Letters: Brian J. Crowley
Editor: Mike O'Sullivan
Cover Art: Tim Seeley
Publisher: Devil's Due

If you've never read one of Tim Seeley's Hack/Slash stories, you can't possibly be a fan of slasher movies. The concept – like all great concepts – is remarkably simple: the sort of teenage girl who usually winds up cannon fodder for killers like Freddy Krueger and Jason Vorhees finally gets fed up and becomes a killer herself – brutally murdering any serial killer she can find.

It was only inevitable that sooner or later that Cassie and her partner, Vlad, would come across an actual movie monster like they've been killing for so long. The reason Chucky gets the nod? Because Rogue Pictures, owner of the Chucky franchise (if not the Child's Play name) is currently in production of the Hack/Slash movie.

But enough trivia, on to the comic. Is it any good? In a word: Hell yes! Tim Seeley has found a way to tell this story but still make it a little more special than just having Cassie hunt down Chucky. Instead, through, he's found a way to force them together – despite a mutual urge to kill each other – to face a common foe with a penchant for aiming at Cassie's friends.

Seeley manages to respect the integrity of both franchises, making the book work very well for fans of either property. Cassie and Vlad are doing what they do best, but Chucky gets plenty of chances to loose some blood on the page. Mat Merhoff's artwork also fits the comic perfectly: his Cassie and Vlad are great, and his Chucky – while not actually menacing – fits flawlessly into their world. Of course, it isn't Chucky's appearance that's supposed to be menacing, but his actions.

This book really rocks – it melds two great properties, giving Hack/Slash a nice breather before the ongoing starts and Chucky a good place to get his feet wet before his upcoming miniseries. If you dig slashers, if you dig buckets of blood, you've got to get this comic.

Source: Comixtreme


Believe it or not, but this isn't a kids story. I know that the title might remind you of a happy Disney book, but this isn't one of them. Parents Beware. heh

I hate to admit this, but I am not familiar with the Hack/slash characters, so I am sure that there is a lot of back story that I am missing out on. With names like Hack/slash, I thought it would be a, um, slash-fest following the normal comic style of meeting, fighting then teaming up to do lots more destruction. I was a bit off on this theory.

Even knowing nothing about half the characters I still had to pick this one up. How can you not like Chucky. I mean, who doesn't enjoy reading about homicidal maniacs trapped in the bodies of toys? I think that may be one of my favorite types of literature and has been sadly overlooked in the past. :-(

The story revolves around a heavily bandaged woman named Laura who trades bodies with the Vlad half of Hack/slash using a mystical amulet stolen from Chucky. Once the bodies are traded the now evil Vlad heads out to go on a killing spree with Chucky and the Cassie half of Hack/slash in hot pursuit. Chucky being who he is can't help but cause issues along the way ranging from sexual advances at Cassie to trying to kill a store attendant.

From here we find that Laura has kidnapped all of the people that Cassie and Vlad have saved and is planning to kill them in various nasty ways. Here we get to see people being whipped to death by devils, ritual satanic style murders and something involving surgical instruments. Does it get any better than this? Actually, yes it does. The violence gets even more graphic as the heroes and Chucky try to save the innocent victims.

In the end 'they all lived happily after." Not really. I flat out lied. I guess technically they lived as happily as anyone ever does at the end of a slasher movie. Some people live, lots of people die and even the ones that lived aren't in very good shape.

The book does end with an announcement of a new Chucky limited series starting in April. There is also an ad for an ongoing Hack/slash book starting in May. I'll wait for the Chucky series to come out in trade format. I hate buying individual issues if I know that they will be collected a few months later.

Source: Comicsalliance


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