D.D.P. Quarterly (Winter 2006)
A sneak peek into all things Devil’s Due for only a quarter! Get the low-down on all sorts of upcoming cool projects, including UNANNOUNCED ’07 PROJECTS! G.I. JOE: AMERICA’S ELITE! SPECIAL MISSIONS: ANTARTICA! DUNGEONS & DRAGONS! HACK/SLASH! And many more! Tons of exclusive previews - ALL FOR A QUARTER!

Unfortunately got cancelled

FG: Matt Fleckenstein & Various; H/S: Tim Seeley & Emily Stone
The Family Guy steps off of the TV screen and into this Free Comic Book Day edition from Devil's Due! Peter, Brian, Stewie and the rest of the Family Guy crew provide more uplifting, wholesome adventures that will edify and educate the masses. Yeah, right! Plus, a bonus flip book feature Hack/Slash! At the end of every slasher movie, one girl always survives… But, what if that girl then became a hunter of Slashers? That girl is Cassie Hack, star of Hack/Slash — soon to be a major motion picture from Rogue Studios! (Rating: 14+)

32pgs, FC FREE


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