Written by Tim Seeley, art by Emily Stone, covers by Seeley and Bryan Baugh.

"Both of our heroes face terrible fates: Cassie trapped in Hell with a fat musician in gold lame, trying to avoid getting knocked up by demons. Vlad trapped in Florida, looking to score with the local ladies. Will either one come out alive? Plus -- how is the big hair metal band Acid Washed responsible for what faces our heroes?"

Hack/Slash #3 will be 32 pages and will cost $3.50.

Advanced Comic Book Review: Hack/Slash The Series #3

My first experience with Hack/Slash The Series was a very entertaining one. Having never read this title before I was not sure of what to expect and my expectations were not that high. Let me say, my expectations were blown out of the water! I'm glad that Devils Due Publishing gave me the opportunity to take an advanced look at this title, otherwise I would have never picked this one up, despite the rave reviews that I have read elsewhere .

Since this is an advance review I don't want to give away any of the plot details but this is a great comic book through and through. What I will say is that Tim Seely has crafted a very interesting story that includes humor, bloodshed and several twist and maybe even a revelation or two that you would not expect. The artwork of Emily Stone blends in perfectly with the story, making for a perfect combination of strong writing and perfect pencils.

Overall I highly recommend picking up this comic book, not only for the great story but also for the great art. It's a very entertaining read that will leave you wanting more. And if your new to this series you'll probably start searching for back issues, I know I am!



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