Written by Tim Seeley, art by Emily Stone and Courtney Via, covers by Seeley and Jeremy Haun.

Vlad's had to go where he's never gone before in order to save Cassie... can he now withstand the demonic influence of the music of Acid Washed? How much harm can hair metal do to a guy that has no hair, anyway? Plus: Cassie trapped in hell, forced to take part in tentacle porn! Uh~ what?!!?


Review by: Blake M. Petit
Quick Rating: Very Good

Has Vlad lost what he needed to save Cassie?

Writer: Tim Seeley
Art: Emily Stone
Colors: Courtney Via
Letters: Brian J. Crowley
Editor: Mike O'Sullivan
Cover Art: Tim Seeley
Publisher: Devil's Due

Cassie Hack has been captured by hard rocker Six Sixx, the latest in a line of musicians who have sold their souls to the dark forces in exchange for rock immortality. Cassie and her friend Georgia, along with a score of concert-goers, have been taken to another realm, where they're being held captive by the virtue the demons feed off of – their virginity. Vlad, discarded because of his ugly face, has had to lose his virginity to have any hope of rescuing Cassie.

That pretty much takes us to this issue, where Seeley really lets Vlad shine. While he's by no means the first "monster with a heart of gold" in comics, Vlad is probably one of the best such characters to show his face in a long time. His innocence and naiveté make him a truly lovable monster, even to the point where he find himself unsure as to whether or not he's still a virgin (one of the funniest scenes in the book).

The mixture of horror and humor makes this book something that I dearly love to read. While Cassie doesn't really get to do much this issue, that's okay. Vlad's time to shine was overdue, and the promise of the return of an old foe next issue makes it clear Cassie is going to have her hands full.

Emily Stone's artwork continues to impress. There are two things vital for a book like this one – sexy girls and ugly monsters. Stone does them both exceedingly well.

This book just keeps getting better and better. Thank goodness it's an ongoing now.



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