Hack/Slash #5 will arrive in stores on Oct. 24 from Devil's Due Publishing. The issue is written by Tim Seeley, wth art by Emily Stone and Courtney Via and covers by Crank! and Seeley.

"It's the dream of every man to date a beauty queen, right? The fantasy of pressing flesh with a real-life supermodel can be hard to resist. Would it matter to him if the flesh being pressed was no longer attached to a body, though? Uhm... Ew?
Plus: Cassie... the night nurse?"

Hack/Slash #5 will be 32 pages and will cost $3.99.


I've been keeping up with the latest series of "Hack/Slash" religiously. Actually, I've been keeping up the series, period, and I couldn't be happier the characters and storylines I love so much have been turned into a monthly installment.

Thankful as I may be, it's not always a cinch that a series for a concept usually reserved for occasional graphic novels will turn into an excellent series, but Tim Seely proved many naysayers wrong and showed that monthly installments of Cassie Hack and Vlad is worth your hard earned dough, and then some.

Presented in different arcs, Seely and co. finished off the satanic rockers storyline and introduced a brand new one at the end of issue four, with an old enemy re-surfacing, and a lot of questions about our twosome left on the table. Is Cassie just sexually confused, or is she a lesbian? Did Vlad actually impregnate that washed out groupie? And what will become of this new website Chris and his girlfriend are in the midst of building?

The more interesting development here is how Seely focuses on the supporting players while drifting back and forth to different time periods and narratives. Per usual "Hack/Slash" fashion, Seely sews the seeds of a brand new epic arc, and still keeps us entertained the entire time with Lisa and Chris' budding relationship, the return of said villain, and Cassie Hack's small journey to ensure Vlad's health through self-sacrifice that is void of any gore, and yet incredibly touching to watch.

Seely doesn't bore for a single moment and really seems to have a method to his madness for including three separate narratives for this introduction into another blood soaked epic battle Cassie and Vlad will soon have to face. Cassie's sheer devotion to Vlad is fantastic, and the characters of Chris and Lisa are so complex and three dimensional that I actually cared where their relationship was headed, while the slow build-up to the gory finale was telegraphed three pages ahead, but still a sick and twisted preamble to another fine upcoming battle.

I suspect where this may be headed what with the revelation in the second half and the focus of Cassie on to Vlad, as well as Lisa's devotion to Chris, and I'm pretty amped to see how this unfolds. The art by Emily Stone is excellent and just how I want to see Cassie Hack. She looks realistic, she looks life like, and adds further dimension to such a layered character.

The variant covers are just the extra touch needed. This series just continues to sky rocket in quality and entertainment.

Source: Cinema-Crazed

Hack/Slash #5

This issue is the start of a new story, so unsurprisingly it's all setup plot-wise. Emily Cristy, a former pin-up model, has been turned into one of the 'revenants', only it seems she didn't die first, raising questions about how and why she was transformed - but these questions don't matter to one of the scientists researching the revenant phenomenon, who's lusted after Emily since childhood and - I hope you'll forgive the fairly obvious spoiler - provides the means for her to get out of containment and start messing up the place. Meanwhile Cassie and Vlad are living the rough life on the road, with empty pockets and nowhere to sleep but the back of their van, while in another part of the country (and in slight flashback) we peek in on their friends/allies Chris and Lisa. It's Cassie who drives the issue, but not the way you'd think - even though she and Vlad only appear in five pages, Cassie's story this issue is deeply powerful, a quiet, subtly-presented picture of a complex young woman.

Whatever this story arc holds - and it's difficult to say, without even knowing how Cassie will become involved in the revenant-hunting side of it (except the obvious, that she's a revenant hunter) and what the potential is for that story to play out emotionally - those five pages alone are worth it.

Source: Heroine Addict


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