In my early years of collecting comics I gathered all the translated Dutch versions of 'John Carter, Warlord of Mars'.

That was well before I realised they were translated and originated in America and were published by a company called Marvel and that Marvel got the rights to the character (who was created by Edgar Rice Burroughs just like Tarzan was...didn't know that either just like I didn't know there were readable books on this character :-) in 1977 from DC who lost them 2 years before that and that before DC a publisher called DELLComics already printed comics in the late thirties (in BW) and in 1953 continued with 3 comics with Carter-stories (in 4 colors!!) and in 1964 they were reprinted under John's own label. I also didn't know that Marvel cancelled the succesfull run (28 issues and 3 annuals) because the Burroughs company disliked the new stuff Marvel put in the story.
I knew nothing about that!! I just felt sorry for the fact that there were only 14 Dutch comics to collect.
And when I did find out about the origins I immediately got hold off the (gross) Darkhorse miniseries "Tarzan/John Carter" and also stumbled across the first four books in a shop in Holland :-)

And now I have decided to put in some HTML-time and build a new chapter to my everexpanding website and showcase some beautifull fantasy artwork, inspired by a beautiful pic by Kelley that Dave Steimle sent me and one of Jusko I already had and the talks I had with Bernard Koops from the Comics Assemble website (who tries to have info on every Marvel-comic translated in the Netherlands and from whom I got the coverscans of John Carter-series!!).

All the covers to the comic Marvel-series [10-12 Kb ea]:

Michael Welan did the coverpaintings to the DelRey-pockets. Here I present them all in huge sizes :-) :

The Darkhorse crossover between Tarzan and John Carter was lousy at best but it did produce lovely covers!!

Joe Jusko is a fantastic fantasy-artist who did a great series on the ERB-characters. Here I present the Barsoomian age:

Frank Frazetta is a legend. Here I present his Barsoomian age:

Various great artist have portrayed John Carter, Barsoom, the Martians and Dejah Thoris:

Various great artist have portrayed John Carter, Barsoom, the Martians and Dejah Thoris.
Here I have selected special artists and made up special pages for them!!!

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