Welcome to Micro Hero Land! For the past few years many people have formed a yahoo group called lil guys, where thousands of micro heroes have been made!

But first what is an micro hero?
According to the Micro Hero Collective page the micro-heroes are .gif characters covering a wide range of popular heroes and villains. Many of which are animated.

The original versions of these micro-heroes were made by Donar and widely used as graphics for signature files on the message boards at ComicBoards.com. Soon after a few others including Bobster, Rich, Whirlwind, omike and Michael Kaiser had made a virtual army of them.

To see my favorite micros... scroll down!!

This is my shrine of lilguys aka microheroes which I found across the net. It is my wish that one day I have enough time on my hands to create one of these myself. For now I just feast my eyes on these beauties, made possible by Dave Steimle, Erik Elzenaar and BJC for starters.
Again...NONE are originated by me!! The copyrights of the characters belong to the publishers and the blood/sweat/tears are shed by others!!


Click to view more Harris pics!!!!Vampirella, Vampirella nude, Pantha
Click to view more Broadsword pics!!!!Tarot, Raven Hex, Crypt Chick
Click to view more Chaos pics!!!!Lady Death, Purgatori, Lady Demon
Click to view more FF pics!!!!Sue, Reed, Ben, Johnnie and more
Click to view more X pics!!!!Storm, Wolverine, Jean and more


Click to view more nude pics!!!!Collecting the mature XXX microheroes
Collecting Marvel Men
Collecting Marvel WoMen
Collecting DC Characters
Collecting Crossgen Characters
Collecting Indy Characters: Cavewoman, Spawn & Angela, Dawn, Witchblade, Promthea, Tombraider, Magdalena, John Carter & Dejah Thoris, Conan & Belit & Red Sonja, Avengelyne, Shi, DINA, Killraven, Avengelyne


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