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Caroline Munro

On 22nd December 2001 I received an e-mail from Jimmy Gillis informing me that Caroline Munro had done a photo shoot for the role of Vampirella back in the early 1970s when Hammer Films were planning to make a film (for more information on this film see my Barbara Leigh page who was the person eventually chosen for the role - although the film was never made).

As soon as I heard this I asked him for a photo - which was instantly provided (thanks Jim) and is on the left.  This was from the shoot and shows what a fabulous Vampirella she would have made.

I have to admit I have been a secret Caroline Munro fan for years and loved her in Stella Starcrash (one of her early films) and the tremendous Golden Voyage of Sinbad so I was really pleased to hear of her involvement in the plans for the film, and the opportunity to put her on the website.

The only information Jim has sent me on the photo is that it was part of a "Vampirella" shoot, for a proposed Vampirella film by Hammer. The photographer is unknown but was a Hammer photographer. The knee high boots are the same boots Caroline wears in Dracula A.D. 72.

Then, in June 2003 the ever-dependable Terry Sanders met up with Caroline at Wonderfest and got an interview and some photos.  The photos below are taken by Terry of Caroline and (just below) with Tami, the person who runs her US fan club.

Photo on the left was sent to me by Jimmy Gillis, which is mentioned in Terry's interview.

Terry's Interview

When I first found out that I was going to get a chance to talk with Caroline Munro, I thought I was going to be able to fill in a lot of gaps about the mystery of the Hammer attempts at the making of the Vampirella movie. It did not turn out that way at all. In Caroline's own words, "I am hopeless with dates, and this was just so long ago...."

While I did not get many of the detailed answers that I had hoped for, I did get a few. And I did get to meet a very beautiful lady that is a wonderful person thru and thru.   Caroline is just super with her fans.

She spent about 15 minutes with a young boy that did not spend a cent at her table. He was not even sure who she was. But after a few questions, he wanted to know all about James Bond. And Caroline was just as happy speaking to him as if he had been a fan for years. Just a very nice lady.   As I said, I did get a few answers, and here they are:

Caroline with Tami

Terry:  You had a photo shoot when you were being considered for the Vampirella movie. What did you have on for the shoot? 

Caroline: It was a revealing garment, not a swimsuit, but revealing.

Terry:   I would love to see these pics. Do they still exist that you know of?

Terry with Caroline Caroline: I would be certain they don't. But I have a picture on my calendar that is just about the same as the Vampirella shoot. (At this point Caroline picks up the calendar  and shows me the very same picture that is on this web site above).

Terry:   Did you ever see, or have on the famous Vampirella suit that was made by the Western Costume Company?

Caroline:  No, I had never seen the suit. I believe that it went to Barbara Leigh, who was the choice for the movie.

Terry: Did you ever meet Barbara?

Caroline: Yes, I did meet her just last October at a Con in LA. She is a lovely lady, very nice.

Terry:   I read that you had turned down the part because of the nudity that was called for in it. Now, first of all, let me say that I do admire you a lot for your convictions. But I have to ask, is this a personal conviction, a religious reason, or other?? 

Caroline with the monster from the Black Lagoon

Caroline:  Actually, I was flown to Italy to read for the part. It was there that I realized how much nudity the role had and I turned it down. I was flown home that very same day! But, to answer your question, it was certainly not for religious reasons. When I look back, I am not sure I made the right decision. It is just something I feel personal about. It's just a little more mysterious if you don't show everything. The mystery, and your imagination is far greater than what you see.

Terry:  What's the oddest thing you've been asked by a fan?

Caroline:   I have been asked to sign a few strange places. Once a man asked me to sign his bald head. I have signed legs. And one lady even had me sign her upper chest.

Terry: And what's your most embarrassing moment?

Caroline: Once, during a photo shoot, I had something VERY embarrassing happen to me. It was at a famous golf course. 

I had changed into a bikini for the shoot. It was a beautiful June day. But when we got back and I got ready to change into my clothes, I discovered my knickers were gone!!   My knickers!! Someone had pinched my knickers!!   I lost my knickers on the golf course, this does sound awful, doesn't it?? At this point I am certain she could tell by the expression on my face I had no idea what she meant by "someone had pinched my knickers".   So she started to explain, "Knickers, you know, what you wear under your clothing... panties, that what they are, panties. Someone had stolen my panties. I looked everywhere, but they were just gone. Someone had taken my panties!! It was so embarrassing, just awful!!

Terry:   Family?

Caroline:   Tami here is definitely family. She lives in the States and helps me with my fan club in the US. She has three beautiful babies I cannot wait to see.   And I have two lovely, fantastic daughters myself. Georgina, her nickname is Jo Jo, who is 13. And my other daughter is Iona. She is 8 now, but will be 9 next week. . They are the love of my life, my babies. And I have a very loving and supportive husband, George.   I am a very lucky girl. I have found that life is what you make it.   A person has to live life true to themselves. Open, and true...

And in conclusion I have to say, any time you get a chance to meet Caroline, GO FOR IT!! It is worth the price of admission just to look into her beautiful eyes and hear her talk with that wonderful accent. She has certainly made a fan out of me!! Terry


Caroline Facts


Place of birth:  Windsor, Berkshire, England

Birthday:  January 16th

Star sign:  Capricorn

Hair color:  dark brown 

Eye color:  hazel

Height:   5'8"

Favourite colors: purple and pink

Vital statistics:   I don't know, I never weigh or measure anything any more, but i nthe 70s I was about 36" 25" 36"

Caroline at her booth

Caroline's web site: (click on picture to the right)

Caroline Munro's official website features loads of pics, a biography and entry to the official fan club.  Click on the picture on the right to visit her site.

You can also visit the Yahoo Caroline Munro Group (after registering in the normal way) at

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