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Pantha is a delicious lady who can turn herself into a ferocious panther when needed.  She has a slightly mixed-up past, (for details see Pantha) and has only recently been represented by a real-life lady as opposed to a fictitious character only.

The Pantha model is Patricia Rosario.  Initially Harris were coy about releasing her name, and looking at the pics on this page we can see why she might prefer to keep quiet for fear of lots of guys hassling her for a date.

Terry and Patricia

Once again Terry Sanders has his arm around a lovely lady.  Terry took most of the photos for this page at a comic convention.

Below a very natural photo that was featured on the Vampirella web site. Smile for the camera
Pantha at the Wizard World Con Right - that's what I call a smile
Pantha looking cool Left - another slightly enigmatic smile Patricia strutting her stuff
Right - just Pantha
Photos on this page are by Terry Sanders

Fans of Patricia Rosario can read an interview in Scarlet Letters #14

Below is a list of all the Pantha comic covers:

Vampirella Monthly #16 (Pantha photo edition)

Vampirella Monthly #16 (limited Pantha photo edition)

Vampirella Monthly #16 (Pantha Convention preview)

Vampirella Monthly #17 (Pantha photo edition)

Vampirella Monthly #17 (limited Pantha photo edition)


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