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The guy on the right (and dotted around on this page) with a big smile and an arm around a number of gorgeous women all dressed like Vampirella is Terry Sanders (like Leslie Culton on the right)

Terry is probably recognisable to many Vampirella fans because he can be seen on the Harris website and in the Vampirella comics, because of his incredible hobby - he takes photographs of Vampirella models.  And when I say photos - I mean lots of photos.

That means he has been an amazing help to both me and Scott Stockwell in regard to our web sites (for Scott's site and Harris' site see my links page).

Terry and Leslie
Terry and the Unknown Vampi

Apart from his love of striped shirts he also has a passion for hunting down Vampirella models and keeping in contact.  He has found Angelique Trouvere, Brinke Stevens, Heidi Saha and Cathy Christian (among others) when most people would have assumed they were lost in Vampirella's history.  On the left he can be seen with the Unknown Vampi model (link to her page to see why we call her that).

I owe him a tremendous amount, not least his tireless efforts to solve the Tracy Kahn dilemma (again link to her page to find out all about it).  Most of my photos on the model pages on this site are thanks to Terry, who just loves promoting these women to the rest of us.

I asked Terry to tell me a bit about himself, and he wrote the following:

What first attracted me to Vampirella, other than the obvious, was the old Warren covers. I have always loved fantasy art, and the Warren covers were just the best. After a few months of just admiring the covers, I gave Vampirella a shot, and have been an avid fan ever since. My collection, sorry, you would have to start another web site!! Ha.

Terry and Countess Vladimira

Lets just say everything that has ever come out since the beginning of time except the 1976 Calendar, the jig saw puzzle from the cover of #2, and the Warren Vampi T-shirt. 

I do have a few odd items like the mailing envelope the Warren Vampi Fan club button and card went out in. The N,Y. Con Mags from the 70's that have Vampi art in them. A Warren bag from a 70's con that has Vampi on it. A script from the Vampirella movie that was never made. And the new script also.

Autographed items, let's just say at least 2000, from James Warren and 4E to Kevin Lau. 

I try to get odd stuff here also like I had Buzz sign a fan club card as the member because it has his art work on it. I have an Australian Vampirella signed by Barbara Leigh with her picture of the cover. When I go for an autograph, I love to hear them say "Where did you get this??" or "I have never signed one of these before!!'

About the only other thing I collect is the resin statues. I have about 30 of those, and most are shown on your web site. I still have about 4 that I have not started on. All but the 2 Harris models I assembled and painted myself. A very relaxing hobby. It takes me months to finish one.... very slow.

I do have a few art pieces, but this is just something I never got into much. One of my favorites is a painting Leon Atkinson did for me of Leslie Culton as Vampi. It is just beautiful. I do have several "Con Sketches", but that is about it. I do not own the first page of original comics book art.

Patricia Rosario and Terry

Now for the models. I could write a book here, really. As far as the pictures, I probably have taken just shy of 1000 pics of the various Vampirella models and Pantha. I am not the kind of photographer that takes a picture and hopes it turns out well. I shoot a hundred, and I know a dozen or so will be great. I always use 100 speed film and every adjustment on my camera you have to do by hand. It is not a point and shoot. But you can take the negatives and make 8x10's or a poster, and they will still look sharp and crisp. As for the ladies in the suit. This part of my Vampirella collection is my pride.

Pictures, autographs, letters, videos, etc. A few of my more unusual items are; A purple golf tee from Sascha. A lock of hair from Julie. I kept my answering machine tape from a day that Barbara Leigh called me 4 times and left messages. I also have another tape from a time Angelique called me and left a message. 

I have Leslie Culton's Vampi suit and boots from the 98 Chicago Con.  Angelique sent me a picture with 4 lip prints down the side, the forth one had fangs with a little "uhh-ohh!!" out beside it. And Leslie, you never know what that girl will write on her pictures, she is so funny. Angelique has much the same humor. 

I currently have 10 different Vampi models on my e-mail addresses. I am now writing Kathy Bushman snail mail trying to get her for an interview. I find some goofy reason to write all of them about once a month,,, ha. And they are all just super nice, wonderful ladies. The ones I write on a regular basis though are Barbara Leigh. Just a super nice person that has had the most interesting life of anyone you could possibly meet. Brinke Stevens, one of the first Vampi models ever, and a very smart lady... VERY. 

Angelique Trouvere, this woman knows everything about Vampirella in the Warren years and the Warren staff. Angelique and Leslie, are both just very funny ladies. Sascha is always out making movies these days, but I am glad she is doing so well. And Leslie, I write her so much I am surprised she has not changed her address. Usually at least 5 times a day. And Leslie really knows Vampirella. REALLY!! She is such a fan-girl. 

For me, the ladies have become the center point of my collection. They bring a human side to it that I really enjoy. Sure, a few of them just did it as a job. But others are really into the character, and what she represents. They are all individuals, and all VERY special ladies. That I hope to stay in contact with for a very long time.... Vampirella fan for life, maybe longer, Terry Sanders

It;s Terry and Leslie again

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