JULY 08-2004: Phoenix-gallery update, family pics of Bram and Max added, Tarot #27+28 update, Black Widow-gallery update, Tigra-gallery update.
JUNE 23-2004: comics in, Huge "Brian Pulido at Avatar" update, Realm of the Claw tribute added
JUNE 11-2004: Comicshipment
is in: Cavewoman, 1602, Secret War, DD, Spawn, Tarot, Vampirella, Witchblade/Wolverine, DOGWITCH!!!, Aria, Aspen, Soulfire, Hip Flask, Darkness/Hulk, Footman15...
JUNE 06-2004: Broadsword
update (Tarot, SchoolBites, Balent), Brereton-update, John Carter-update
JUNE 02-2004: Brian Pulido at Avatar
pics update
JUNE 02-2004: Broadsword
update (Tarot, SchoolBites, Balent) JUNE 02-2004: David Mack interview added Avatar
MAI 27-2004: Added HOUSE pics and Bram/Max pics
MAI 27-2004: Updated/added bio's and galleries to Tigra, Darkness, Satana, Black Widow, Midnight Nation...

MAI 27-2004: Added ASPEN pics
MAI 25-2004: Added pics everywhere
MAI 25-2004: Added F5 pics
MAI 25-2004: Added Angela pics
MAI 25-2004: Darkness/Darklings/Angelus gallery at Comics-us

APRIL 9-2004: Added comics. Added new pics to Tarot. Added John Carter pics. Update my want list. Added a page for my new house. Added Phoenix pics. Added a Nocs-pic by a great French artist (check Halloween Girl-link). Added comicorders-list.

MARCH 16-2004: Added comics. Added new coverpics to Tarot.

FEBRUAR 05-2004: Added a Janet Jackson-page (Superbowl-pics), added some Phoenix-pics, Tarot-pics and the new Holly project. Also added some Kelvey-DejahThoris-pics.
FEBRUAR 02-2004: Added a Star-Lord bio, pics of Max and Bram, a little logging and bought some comics

JANUARI 14-2004: Added some more great interviews with David Mack and put up some storylines and readingordersequences for Kabuki
JANUARI 12-2004: Added Deodato-reference-stuff and some Frank Cho Dejah art. Bought and traded some comics. Added the cover to Tarot #24, an extra gorgeouos pic of Polychrome by Dan Brereton as well as a Phoenix-pic by him. Also updated the translation on Storm's summaries.

DECEMBER 31-2003: Added reference-stuff, nude vampirella stuff, Redhair-pics and some Frank Cho draws Dejah stuff. Have a good year!!!
DECEMBER 27-2003: Added some FUN-pages (see floating menu (only IEX) for viewing). Added a STORM/REDHAIR-fansite. Added a Angelina Jolie and a Pamela Anderson tribute site. Added Phoenix-pics. Added Tarot-pics.
DECEMBER 10-2003: Barsoom-update via Frank Cho!!
DECEMBER 09-2003: BIG Broadsword-update (magnets, covers, previews #23, posters) and some fanpics on Red Sonja. ALso another Dejah Thoris piece!
DECEMBER 05-2003: MORE photoreference-pics. Also made a tribute to Beaty and the Beast (the TVshow) and to Dan Brereton after I have gotten my hands on comics of them!
DECEMBER 01-2003: More photoreference-pics. An interview with Defunkt!!! And Vampirella NUDE. Also got some comics and added these including lotsof summaries!! Also added some kids of my kids my dad send me digitally! Also added some Daredevil-pics and reviews (54 and 55

NOVEMBER 26-2003: Added Nedstat-counters to all the coolest sites I have!!!
NOVEMBER 24-2003: Added a cool pic of Ally MacBaggett. Made a new index-page.
NOVEMBER 21-2003: Added a photoreference-page. Also got rid of the reallife-pics on the artpage and added artistic pics...
NOVEMBER 12-2003: Added a DejahThoris-pic by Chris Kelvey. Added a Tarot 23 pic. New comicorders update. Made an entry in my log. Added a collored joke.
NOVEMBER 10-2003: Allan send me some cool comics...John Carter (I did have the translated version but not the originals!!) in MINT condition and 5 Man-Thing comics. Also bought Cursed #2.
NOVEMBER 4-2003: Added a DejahThoris-pic by Spilker. Got some new comics and counted them all anew. Added artbooks (Luis Royo) to the comicstuff-page.

OKTOBER 20-2003: Added a tribute to CHAOS! comics with descriptions to comics and characters and the company. Added a cool pic of Aspen #3 and shuffled the Aspen-fansite while I was at it... Added previews and reviews of Daredevil 53.

SEPTEMBER 25-2003: I expanded the Holland-site with Limburg, Roermond, Horn and Thorn!!!! I also added a whole bunch of JAVAscripts but I am not telling where :-p
SEPTEMBER 22-2003: Added microheroes and tweaked Tarot-frontsite, added Tarot #22 interiors. Made a Mike Deodato fansite, added an Angela (by Drew) pic, added Fathom 'Killian Tide' mini, tweaked the John Carter fansite, added a Phoenix-pic (by Dimitri Miller and Defunkt and finally also made a page with all the images of Marvel-comics of John Carter collected.
SEPTEMBER 19-2003: Added SUMMERpics!!!
SEPTEMBER 18-2003: A Turner-update: added Fathom and Witchblade and Aspen pics and pages.
SEPTEMBER 17-2003: Added Tarot #22 A, a map of Holland to the BOOMsite, a "Who Is Kabuki", Witchblade-synopsis to the ComicUS-site, Witchblade-pages concerning other artists then Turner and OLD WB-bearers and finally some cool Fathom-pics. Also updated the Sitemap a bit!!
SEPTEMBER 16-2003: More on who is Vampirella, a DarkPhoenix-pic by Deacon Black, gorgeous Joe Jusko pics.
SEPTEMBER 13-2003: Added a John Carter-tribute by Dave Hoover, added pics to Devil's Reign, added a DD 52 preview page, added some Dutch and US comics, updated Darkchylde-tribute with extra info and an extra DIARY-page, added more pics to the Angela-tribute, added an Avengelyne-tribute with pics and my moment with her.
SEPTEMBER 12-2003: A new CHAPTER with XXX-written all over it!!! Stories, pictures, art and microheroes!!
SEPTEMBER 09-2003: Updated the Daredevil list with a background and pics/reviews of DD #51 and descriptions of storylines I have comicwise. Rearranged and added microheroes. Not done yet though...Also found some awesome John Carter pics!!
SEPTEMBER 05-2003: Updated the Phoenix site extra pages for important story-arcs. Deleted the comic-nl-withpics-site. Too redundant!! Pics were linked and the main goal (creating a labyrinth) is closer. Added a chapter to Typoid Mary to the DD listing with the censored and uncensored TM-pic. Added a Promethea-review to the comicUS-site.
SEPTEMBER 04-2003: Updated the phoenix site with a tribute and gallery of Jean Grey/Marvelgirl pics!!
SEPTEMBER 03-2003: Updated Aspen with some cool pics, added an Angela-page to the uscomicsite, explained the legend of the phoenix and told the story of Devil's Reign. Added some nice pics in several other sectors but too much to just tell here :-p Added a message to the Boomlog. Added an extra 'overline' when crossing a link with your cursor. Also updated the SITEmap for those without IEX or the time to run around my site :)

AUGUST 28-2003: Updated the sitemap
AUGUST 26-2003: Added a dutch tpb of Witchblade
AUGUST 25-2003: Updated some reviews at the comicus-site (like kingdom come and marvels with a special page), darkchylde, devils reign and alleycat comics)
AUGUST 22-2003: HUUUGE Update on John Carter fantasy cause I found more then 70 pics (of the books) and wallpapersized paintings by Michael Welan!!! And some artist gave me permission to put heir stuff up and I made specific sites for them.
Also added a new part to Anacleto's fansite since he will be doing this new Marvel project. Also added some Chaos-comics descriptions to the UScomic-site and tweaked the Micro Hero site a bit.
AUGUST 21-2003: Got some new comics like Gearstation, Shadowreavers, EVE Protomecha, Alleycat (also made a new comicfansite for these ALLEYCATcomics), Tombraider/Darkness. Found out that the menustructure can not be seen via Netscape so added a link to 'crossreoads' everywhere. At least now you can go via the crossroads to the sitemap and then visit the rest of the site. Damn..the sitemap needs updating!! O ja...I added a lil Marvel origin. But you have to search WERE HAHAHAHA
AUGUST 20-2003: Been updating a lng while but forgot to put it here...let me see. In the first page (index1.html) I put a GIUESTBOOK, I updated the boomlog, the purpose-site is linked to sitechanges.html so the site can also be accessed via Netscape (since my menu only works with IEX), updated the menus and added a FUNpart and a LINKS-page, Added some TAROT-stuff and a Vampirella-site with the dailies and some Cavewoman/Aria/Athena-updates also. I will have to get to my sitemap soon though...much has happened!!

JULY 21-2003: Traded Superman/Terminator-mini for Weapon Zero T2-3. Added some boomlog-entries.
JULY 10-2003: Added Athena-reviews and added familypics.
JULY 09-2003: Explained the PURPOSE of my site!!
JULY 08-2003: Added an interview of David Mack, discussing his plans past and future for Daredevil and Echo. Added comments to the Boomlog.
JULY 02-2003: Changed the new menustructure in the top via a JAVAscript. Now not a dropdownmenu in a table but via a separate script. Also finalized/started the fansites on Balent/Holly/3Kittens. Also added Tarot-reviews.

JUNE 30-2003: Started a Joe Jusko fansite and a Greg Horn fansite.
JUNE 29-2003: Added a popup-image-script...everywhere I could use it!
JUNE 26-2003: Added some pics of Bram and Max. Added a new Tarot-pic. Made a cool mousover-pic on the sitemap. Added some more info on comics. Added an interview-site where I added my interview with Mario Gully and the old interview with Weinberg. Also added my favorite Darkchylde pic!!!
JUNE 25-2003: Added a new menustructure in the top.
JUNE 20-2003: Added comicorder for 09-2003 and added a Vampirella pinup-by TEX-site. I also transferred my Imode-site and put it here...I also split up the Tarot-site into various parts cause the loading of all those 60 thumbnails on one page was quite tasking...
JUNE 18-2003: Changed all transform-links-into-uppercase to lowercase. Update the sitemap and added cool 'mouseovering' orbs. Added a Lilith-site to the Vampirella-story where I can explain on Eve/Adam and Adam's first wife Lilith. Added a who is cavewoman-site.
JUNE 17-2003: Added a Timm-pic of Red Sonja
JUNE 16-2003: Added a pic of a girl and a car and added a demoness-pic.
JUNE 15-2003: Started a Cavewoman-fansite.
JUNE 13-2003: Added summaries to the comics... Also made links throuhgout the site to create my 'labyrinth' of sorts!! Did however update the sitemap also so you wont get lost :)
JUNE 12-2003: Added a SH!T-load of comics (Promethea, Spawn, Daredevil, Vampirella, Aria, Transformers, Fate of the Blade, Meridian, Daredevil, Batman...)
JUNE 6-2003: made a friends-site.
JUNE 5-2003: Huge update!! For Broadsword I added some cool Tarot-interiorpages to #1, 4, 5, 10, 11, 16 and 20. I also made a NEW fansite on Texeira and the Michael Turner-fansite is upgraded with new galleries on Witchblade, Fathom and Aspen!! I also updated the Web Log.

MAY 30-2003: Updated the Turner-fansite with a Fathom, Witchblade and Aspen part. Also delteded comics I sold (Daredevil 9-19). Also updated the Broadswordfansite with correct credits I got from Holly and altered the wallpapers so people go to Balent.com for them.
MAY 23-2003: Added sexy comicpics and made a fansite on Darkchylde and Alley MacBaggett and Alleycat.
MAY 16-2003: Completed/added pics of my action figures (Spawn and Tiffany). Also added stuff (Daniels-comics, Vampirella animated cell) I got from Scary Larry. Also added some DD-trades and the mini Monkeyman&O'Brien.
MAY 15-2003: Added Previewpages for Tarot 20 and made a fansite for artistic (nude) black and white photos!
MAY 14-2003: Created a new frontpage which represents my name symbolicly...I also added my comicorders
MAY 12-2003: Added a cool script which shades and unshades pics. Added a nice pic of Tarot #20 also.
MAY 9-2003: updated the sitemap and made a nice table for comics I want to trade/sell/getridoff...
MAY 8-2003: Added a cool banner on both Vampirella-sites.
MAY 7-2003: Updated the comicmoments-site with pics of Aart and Lothar...comicbuddies
MAY 6-2003: Added cool pics of the family and also added a BOOMLOG to the family-site to register some BOOMfamily-updates.
MAY 5-2003: updated following sites with pics, javascripts and/or info: Tarot, Holly (changing bg-script), Athena (also review), Aria (which I also split up per miniseries and added reviews!), Anacleto, Carter, Desire, Comicroom (with actionfigs-pics). Also added Wolverine Xisle #5.

APRIL 29-2003: BARSOOM-update: saw some amazing pics of Dejah Thoris by Chad Spilker and got permission to put them on my site!! Also other awesome pics!!
APRIL 25-2003: Received some sexy animated gifs and added these to my Desire-site. Got Wolverine Xisle #4 and a copy of Transfromers Armada (frrecomicbookday2003) and also updated my totals...2879
APRIL 18-2003: Received 'Batman: Arkham Asylum', 'Overkill: Witchblade/Aliens/Darkness/Predator' and Wolverine Xisle 1-3 and sold my dutch comics of Batman/Dracula.
APRIL 15-2003: Received a huge package of comics from Scary Larry as a result of my plea for Cavewoman-comics and added these. I also described it as a moment.

MARCH 28-2003: Added issue sollicitations to the Tarot-previews and added previews to 19 and 20.
MARCH 27-2003: Bought US-comic Backlash/Tabboo and added the April-order.
MARCH 20-2003: Bought Dutch comics: X-mannen Special 46 (Ultimate X), Daredevil Moviespecial (today premiering in Holland) and the last Dutch tpb of the Darkness collecting also the last run of vol.1
MARCH 12-2003: Added a weather-banner of the Netherlands.
MARCH 12-2003: Added a new background to family-site. Added Elektra-comics (7-10) I bought and comics I traded ('Spider-Man tpb Cosmic Adventures', GN Dr Strange and GN Avengers for Twilight girl 1 t/m 3, Conan the barbarian ann 5 +6, X-men wedding album 1, Cloak en Dagger 1 Limited serie nr. 1, Cloak en Dagger 2 Omnibus nr. 1, Cloak en Dagger 3 Omnibus nr. 2, Silver Surfer - een kosmisch liefdesverhaal Stan lee/Jack Kirby).
MARCH 11-2003: Added a new background to index-site. Added monthly sitechanges to index-site. Added a Silver Surfer-pic to the Dutch comicsite.
MARCH 07-2003: Added a "Who is Vampirella???" to the Vampirella-fansite.
MARCH 06-2003: Huge update on the Broadsword-fansite including several previewpages-minisites, coverpics and a splitup in threee pages (Tarot, Vampfire, 3 Kittens, Miscellaneous Balent...some still under construction)
MARCH 03-2003: Huge update on the ARIA-fansite.

FEBRUAR 27-2003: Added a John Carter pic, completed my lising of books, added a script from QOOP (a dutch auctionsite) to showcase my lots.
FEBRUAR 24-2003: Added more pics of Max I got from my aunt Nelly and uncle Harry, who brought a digital camera with her.
FEBRUAR 18-2003: Added pic of Max!!

JANUARY 24-2003: Tonight at 23.10 my second son MAX was borne. Added this to FAMILY-site
JANUARY 23-2003: Submittes my prelimanary order.
JANUARY 20-2003: Got some bad news on Nightside II from Robert Weinberg and updated my interview with this data.
JANUARY 17-2003: Started a Sascha Knopf-fansite which include the Playboy-pics.
JANUARY 16-2003: Added some pics to various fansites and pic to Dutch comicsite, added some tradingcards and changed backgrounds to fansites of Vampirella, Aria, Michael Turner and Athena Inc.
JANUARY 14-2003: Got package from Allan (Swamp-Thing V3 1-3, She-Hulk GN, Dr Strange: Shamballa GN, Cloak & Dagger 2 GN, Hulk & Thing GN, Conan GN, 2 Marvel Masterpiece pinupcomics) and bought F5-origin to complete my F5-collection and changed the USsites accordingly. And since I downloaded bout a zillion pics of ARIA and @thena Inc I created a new fansite for those and rearranged Jay's fansite.
JANUARY 08-2003: Added pics of Bram. Changed the layout of the ARIA, Broadsword and the Anacleto-fansites with a table and added more pics. Put a bulletlist in the sitemap and added an extra page in the comicroom-page where I list my videos and books.
JANUARY 06-2003: Changed the header to include all my sites.
JANUARY 06-2003: I made comicpackages for Lothar (with Dutch and German Rella's, Dutch Eerie, a Witchblade #1, Fathom #0) and for Allan/Chromium (Silver Surfer 'Enslaver' GN, Rising Stars #0, Ultimate Marvel Team-up Superspecial, Amzing Spidey #36) for traded comics. Edited the sites with this change.
JANUARY 03-2003: Added a Vampirella-fansite with my favorite pictures.

DECEMBER 30-2002: Forgot about my Silver Surfer GN and added it to the Dutch comic-site.
DECEMBER 27-2002: Updated the Dutch and US comicsite and the Desire-site for comics I bought and received. From my Canadian friend Lothar I received a package (Supernaturals-mini, Batman/Predator I and III, Spawn 16+17, Spidey2099 #1) short before Xmas and although I am very happy to receive this gift, I am also very sad since Lothar's son just died a week ago...my thoughts and feelings are thus very mixed. I wish Lothar all the strength...........
But to go on (we must!) I also received a package (with dutch Spiderman-comics which I traded for some old HIPcomis of Spinneman) before Xmas from Willem Peters. Love this trading!!
Besides that I also gotten my hands on the "Tombraider: Greatest treasure of all" prelude (by Joe Jusko) and the second Dutch tpb of Tombraider.
I also received an Xmas-card from Terry Sanders and he had added a signed Vampirella tradingcard (by Boris Valeijo) and I added this to the stuff and the comicmoments-site.
DECEMBER 23-2002: Pascal Willemsen optimized the scrollchanging script and I inserted it in the various pages.
DECEMBER 17-2002: I moved to a new domain!!!! I will end updating this site and all the sites at TRIPOD consequently. My great friend gave me room on his very own server so now I can expand over my 20 MB!!!!!! If you want to look at the changes before 12-2002, just click.
DECEMBER 04-2002: Added a dutch tpb of Spiderman (1998-2)
DECEMBER 02-2002: Added a big coverscan to #1 to John Carter FANSITE.
DECEMBER 02-2002: Added courtesies to the creators of microheroes and links to their sites. Also added a little Red Sonja.