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Brinke Stevens appeared as Vampirella at the 1973 San Diego Comic Convention (see her account below).

She appeared as Charlene Brinkman (her real name at the time) and wowed the fans, but she tells the story so nicely herself below.  She e-mailed me the info and I loved the way she wrote it, so I've reproduced it.

Brinke married Dave Stevens and changed her name, and catapulted herself into the media world.  She sure has made a lot of films. Some of which have been turned into DVD's. If you would like to see a list, they have been cataloged on her web site.   She has appeared at quite a few cons, and there is a picture of her with Angelique Trouvere and Forrie Ackerman in Scarlet Letters #5.

Terry Sanders then interviewed her in April 2000 and the new interview is below.


Brinke as Vampirella

On 28 June 2000 Brinke e-mailed me the information below:

In the early-'70's, I attended high school in San Diego, CA. Already, I studied marine biology and was on my way to becoming a serious scientist.

My boyfriend at the time first introduced me to Jim Warren's comic VAMPIRELLA. Oh, my God -- what a babe. What a role model! (Before that, I'd been reading WONDER WOMAN...which suddenly paled in comparison.) I devoured the Vampi comic books and felt empowered in a strange way. 

A year later, I created her costume (from a drastically cut-down red leotard and lots of double-sticky tape) -- and wore it in the '73 San Diego Comic Con Masquerade Contest. I was terrified at baring so much flesh, facing a young male teenage audience. Plus, Forry Ackerman was a costume judge there. I was so afraid he would disapprove, since he was her original creator.

Brinke Stevens
Countess Vladimira, Terry Sanders and Brinke

In the spotlight, I walked out on stage in a long black cape. I swirled it off and strutted my stuff -- and the intense clapping made me feel a whole lot better. I won First Place that night, and made a lifelong friend in Forry, who later became a real mentor. 

For the next six years, I went undercover as a research scientist...and Vampirella was seemingly forgotten. But it's always in the blood -- that wild heat that stays in your veins. In 1980, I moved to Los Angeles and continued my friendship with Forry. He helped to cast me in my first movie role (ZYZAK IS KING), when the visiting filmmakers saw my Vampi photo on his wall and asked him about me.

In the early '80's, I finally gave up science to become a "Scream Queen" -- now, I'm a veteran actress of over 60 independent horror movies. I had never aspired to be in films, believe me...but I never quite forgot that cheering and clapping back in 1973 when I first walked on-stage as my heroine, Vampi.

I've played a lot of vampires since then (DARK ROMANCES; TRANSYLVANIA TWIST; VICTORIA'S SHADOW). If the movie had been shot sooner, I'd like to think I would've played her. That would've been my ultimate dream.

Update on Brinke:

In April 2001 Terry interviewed Brinke again, so here is Terry's new interview:

BRINKE STEVENS IS THE REAL VAMPIRELLA AND I CAN PROVE IT!!!! Just consider these facts. When did Brinke first go public? At the cons in the EARLY 70's. This was about the time I got out of high school myself, and I look like a little old man. And I just saw Brinke yesterday and she is still very much babe material. VERY!! I am not saying she looks good for her age. I am saying the woman looks like she did 30 years ago!! Not enough, any true Brinke fan knows she wanted to be the first female astronaut, and why?? To get back to DRACULON!!!! And much has been written about Brinke being smart, AND WHY NOT!!! She has only been around a few hundred years to learn all this stuff!!!! Let's see what Brinke has to say about these accusations.

Terry: O-K Brinke, Charlene, or what ever alias you are going by at this time. What do you use as a date of birth when you are filling out legal documents?

Brinke: My legal name is "Charlene Elisabeth Brinkman Stevens". Born: Sept 20, 1954

The Easter Bunny never looked like this

Terry: Then how can you explain that body? It looks like the body of a 20 year old. The abdomen, legs, arms, etc. All the areas that it is impossible to hide age. You show no evidence of ageing. How do you explain this? Diet? Workout?

Brinke: Well, it's certainly not clean living! I've been known to party hearty at times. Twenty years ago, I went to a psychic who exclaimed, "It's like you've found the Fountain of Youth!" Partly, I exercise a lot (long walks & jogging), and try to eat good food. But for the most part, I think it's being a "child-woman" -- I let my inner child have free reign, and it keeps me young. 

Terry: What heritage do you claim, your roots if you will?

Brinke: I'm 3/4 German and 1/4 Mongolian.

Terry: What is you favorite beverage? Milk? Wine? O-Positive!?! 

Brinke: I love a really good bottle of blood red Cabernet.

Terry; And in a nice restaurant, do you ever order a "stake"?

Brinke: Ha-ha. I'm not a vegetarian, even though I adore animals. With this mad cow disease going around, however, I think beef will lose a lot of its popularity.

Terry: Now you have made lots of movies. And you are in several scenes outside. Either being chased by someone with an ax, or you chasing someone with a butcher knife. But it is ALWAYS at night. Why are you never seen outside in the daylight?

Brinke: Well, a lot of "horror" happens at night, doesn't it? Even at home, as a writer, I used to work all night till sunrise. Now I DO venture out in the daylight, such as at fan conventions.

Terry: Why did you REALLY want to be the first female astronaut?

Brinke: To get the heck off this planet! (I kept waiting for them to pick me up, but nobody ever came...) No, I mean... well, I just never felt at home here, and I wanted to explore some new territory and meet alien creatures.

Signing autographs

Terry: Just how much longer do you think you can get by posing as Brinke before it becomes too obvious. And you have to move on to assume another identity?

Brinke: Gosh, Terry, I have no idea what you're talking about....


Brinke Facts


Heritage:  3/4 German and 1/4 Mongolian

Birthdate:  September 20th 1954

Natural hair color:  dark brown

Star sign:   Virgo

Eye color:  brown

Height:   5'4"

Weight:  104 lbs

Vital statistics:   33-22-34

Real name:  Charlene Elisabeth Brinkman Stevens

Brinke and Terry


I reckon a lot of fans would have liked to see Brinke play Vampirella as well - maybe one day.

On the right are the covers from Brinke's comic.  I only have #1 and #2 at the moment, but you can order these and the others from her web site (see below).

Brinke is another of the Vampi models that I feel fans take to their hearts.  Let's hope she gets her wish to play the part again one day.

Photos on this page are by Terry Sanders

Brinke of Destruction #1 Brinke of Destruction #2

Brinke's web site: (click on the picture on the right)

Brinke has her own web site, focusing on an extensive catalogue of her appearances in books, films, videos and comics.  Excellent for the fan and collector - I wish other actors and personalities would do the same. There is also an e-shop with lots of photos (some taken by Julie Strain) and stuff for sale, but not much Vampirella material.  Love the Brinke comics though. 

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