<BGSOUND SRC="sound/Bats.wav"> BOOK 0, "Commander Grek",

Grek, an astronaut from Earth, has to investigate the large red mark of the planet Jupiter.
This journey ends in a disaster and Storm returns to earth thousands of years later.
Somehow the humans have degenerated into a state of barbarism and are slaves to the now more developed masterrace of evoluated reptiles. Due to the fact that Grek tries to rescue a redhaired girl (and does not succeed), they are both captured. Grek manages to escape and tries to revolt with the help of the human slaves. The revolt is very effective and the reptile leader sees his defeat coming. His last action is altering Grek into a human/reptile hybrid in order to best be able to unite both races.

BOOK 1, "The Deep World",
Storm, an astronaut from Earth, has to investigate the large red mark of the planet Jupiter.
This journey ends in a disaster and Storm returns to earth thousands of years later.
The seas have disappeared, the whole face of the earth has changed. Mankind has fallen back into barbarianism.
Storm is imprisoned but is able to escape with a woman called "Redhair". Redhair accompanies our hero on his search for the reason of all the changes and they find their way to an underground complex of advanced technology with also the collected oceans gathered.
When learning the secrets and once again letting the seas run freely, Redhair and Storm can escape the roaming waters and set course to new adventures...

BOOK 2, "The Last Fighter",
Storm and Redhair are captured again. They are sold to a circus as slaves and Storm is trained as a gladiator. In the next city a friend of Storm is killed in a manipulated fight. Very angry Storm hits the local champion. To escape the death penalty Storm is given to the city as their new champion. Redhair is held back as hostage so that Storm fights in the "Palace of Death" for the city. An old guard leads Storm and the warriors of other cities into a giant fortress. After a short time Storm takes the lead as he realises that the figth against the Palace is only the fight against the automatic defense of an old spaceship (now called pthe Palace). Storm takes over the station and rescues Redhair. After trying to kill Storm and Redhair the Guard tries to capture the station but he fails and destroys it. Storm and Redhair are wandering on to uncertainty.

BOOK 3, "The People of the Desert",
On their journey through a desert Storm and Redhair are brought to a city by Prov, a scientist, and his accomplice Bajo. Prov has designed a new human race that can survive in the desert. He transformed many people into "Whites". He wants to have Storm and Redhair as his "Adam and Eve" for his new race. Finally Storm and Redhair are able to escape and can help the "Whites" escape the mindcontrol of Prov and Prov himselve is changed into a White.

BOOK 4, "Green Hell",
By accident Storm and Redhair come to the "Green Hell" - a phantastic jungle of four levels. This world is controlled by Azurians, a highly technified but fearce species from another planet. They have subjugated the people of the earth secretly for centuries. Storm and Redhair want to help the oppressed mankind and they manage to escape the Azurians.

BOOK 5, "The Battle of the Earth",
Storm takes over the fight against the Azurians. With the help of Mordegai and his subjects Storm can activate the humans against the extraterrestrians. He and Redhair succeed in driving the Azurians away from Earth. Imprisoned Azurians on Mars are staying in the solar system to live together in peace with the human beings.

BOOK 6, "The Secret of the Nitronbeams",
Storm succeeds in besting the Azurian troops on Earth. During the battle some Azurians hid themselves in an old Nitron-site. The Nitron-beams there where used against the humans and killed them all but a single little girl who reacted to the deadly beams with immense telekinetic prowers. The Azurians want to use this powerful girl in battle but already the hymans have found the secrets of telekinetics and the Azurians surrender, realizing the battle has become useless.
BOOK 7, "The Legend of Yggdrasil",
Storm has the posibility to return to the 21st century. Via the red spot on Jupiter he tries to venture back. Unfortunately Storm gets stuck into another future time. He and Redhair (who went with him) wake up finding themselves in the company of intelligent dinosaurs, who worship a mysterious god called Yggdrasil. The dinosaurs live in a constant struggle with barbaric humans. The dinosaurs believe that their god will eventually come to them and will save them form their battling situations. But Yggdrasil is captured in the city of the barbaric humans. Also there should be a timetravel-machine, who already have sent the Dino's to Earth in the first place. Storm and his dino-friends make it into the city and Yggdrasil, who turns out to be a T-rex in stasis. When awakened the T-rex is a mindless monster and is killed. Storm discovers a robot who can help find the dinosaurs a new habitat to live peacefully in. He and Redhair plan on going to Antarctica where the real timemachine should be.
BOOK 8, "City of Doomed",
Arriving in Antarctica Storm discovers that this highlytechnical city is being run and protected by a central computer. However, this computer is starting to fail. More and more districts of the city ar being cut off via energy barriers which can not be passed through. It seems that the immense power of Gor, some Ubermensch, is the cause of all this and Gor wants conquer the city. Storm and Redhair succeed in besting Gor and his army and also shuts down the computer, which only caused mayhem to occur in the city. Storm also finds out that going back into time to his own decade would mean an instant death.
BOOK 9, "The Slumbering Death",
On a trip through a jungle Redhair is poisoned by an arrow. She and Storm are then captured. In order to get an antidote for Redhair Storm is sent to free the son of the leader of the people who captured Storm and shot Redhair. Storm succeeds in freeing the leader's sun called Huatl and manages to escape the enemy. Storm and Redhair are betrayed but with the help of Huatl that ploy malfunctioned.
BOOK 10, "The Pirates of Pandarve",
In another galaxy called Pandarve, its ruler called Marduk, searches the universe for power. He finds this power in an anamolie called Storm, a timetraveller who possesses unkown powers Marduk now wants for his own.
Marduk captures Storm via a huge beam which also takes Redhair. Via the beam they are transferred to Pandarve's atmosphere where they are flooting around in this breathable environment that enables people to travel to various planets without spaceships and spacesuits. They are however attacked by a whale-like creature but the hunter Rann is able to save Storm. Redhair however is captured by the men of Marduk.
Storm and his newfound friend arrive at Rann's homeplanet Kyrte. While rann was away hunting the planet was attacked however and Rann's daughter Leidse was captured and to be sold as a slave. In order to free leidse Storm sells himself as slave and he is off to the watermines. There he makes a new friend, Nomad, and manages to escape the mines with his help. Nomad, Storm and some other slaves capture a pirateship and set out to look for Redhair.
BOOK 11, "The Labyrinth of Death",
The slaves start a mutiny because Storm is more intrested in looking for Redhair then for fortune. Storm, Nomad and Rann are left behind on an asteroid. With the help of a huge bird they manage to go back to Kyrte. There they travel via windsurfing to the surface of Pandarve and travel towards the capitol. Marduk however discovers Storm in his city and captures him in order to gain acces to the immense power Storm has unknowingly hidden inside. Redhair sets Storm free and they escape via the bowels of Marduk's palace after also escaping a huge snakemonster.
BOOK 12, "The Seven of Aromater",
Storm, Redhair and Nomad land on Aromater. Storm is offered a drink for the Eternal Prince and is transformed into a stony, mindless warrior. He and six others are used to battle the Prince's brother in order to return the Crystal of Wisdom. A little bit of the potion was left and Redhair drinks it and is also transfromed. But due to the lesser quantity she still has a mind of her won and sets out to free Storm. She succeeds with a trick and the three friends escape the surface hanging on a huge dustflower who is blown away by the wind.
BOOK 13, "The Killer of Eriban",
On a ghostship Storm opens a sacrophogase (stasis-chamber) and a human gightmachine is set free. This fighter, a boy called Renter Ka Rauw, is set out to kill the ruler of Marrow as a concluding course of his Acadamy. Storm, Redhair and Nomad are forced into cooperation. Eventually they find out that Marrow's ruler is in fact Renter's own father and Renter does not succeed in killing him. But he also does not want to stay around with his newfound parents and Storm sends Renter in his stasis-chamber into the infinity.
BOOK 14, "The Dogs of Marduk",
Back on Pandarve marduk's Hellhounds are on Storm's trail. But in the meanwhile rebels have found out about Storm and his powers and they capture Storm for their won needs. When the battle between marduk's army and the rebels starts, Storm and his friends are helped escaping through the help of a transformed Hellhound whom which Storm had saved form drowning earlier, while he was still an ordinary hellhound. They fly away on a plane.
BOOK 15, "The Living Planet",
The plane crashes and they end up with some dwarfs who hold Nomad hostage while Storm and Redhair are send out to find an Egg of Pandarve. Storm and Redhair must endure may adventures and even encounter Marduk. However, the Goddess Pandarve stands by Storm and aids him after making a promise that Storm must find the Tree of Ignorance and cut down the Eggs of Pandarve. From time to time they must be cut down in order to maintain the ensure the existence of Pandarve.
BOOK 16, "Vandaahl the Ruiner",
During their travels through the Universe of Pandarve the heroes encounter Vandaahl the Ruiner who was banished form another dimension. His purpose is to destroy every living thing with his great powers. Storm infiltrates his army and waits for the right moment to best Vandaahl.
BOOK 17, "The Rotating World",
Storm, Redhair and Nomad find themselves in a huge train in the city of Halfway, which is the endstation for them. However there is a powerful shemale criminal called Boforce who takes control of the train and runs it right throught the walls at the end of the station and the train travels further on a crazy trip into the Rotating World...
BOOK 18, "The Robots of Danderzei",
The Planet Danderzei.
A mysterious planet made out of plastic and metal and rules by Robots. Every human being is a slave or a pet for these creatures and some are trained to be gladiators for thier entertainment. Storm, Redhair and Nomad are also found on this strange planet.
BOOK 19, "The Return of the Red Prince",
It appears that Nomad is a long lost Prince. But something has happened and Redhair takes his place as Prince in order to secure his place for the throne. But unless Redhair meets the challenge of the other party even Storm and Nomad are going to be killed.
BOOK 20, "The Von Neumann Machine",
Taken to a small Western city, who could have been from a Sergio Leone movie, Storm ane his friends have another encounter with the Goddess Pandarve enbodied in Marlene Dietrich. She askes Storm for his help because the Living Planet is going to be hit by a strange asteroid in a short while. Storm, Redhair and Nomad go on a rescuemission who not only leads them into a world which looks like Dante's "Divine Comedy" but also confronts them with the invention of the in 1957 deceased Mathematicisian Joahnn baron Von Neumann.
BOOK 21, "Genesis-Formula",
On the inside of the von Neumann-Machine the three try to alter the course of this enormous machine. On the search for the controls they get to learn the complete madnees of this technical monster. In the meanwhile they must also be on the run for Marduk, who followed them and declairs himself ruler of all the sections he travels through on his pursuit for Storm.
BOOK 22, "The Armageddon-Traveller",
With the help of RAK*EL (from Danderzei) Nomad (who was captured by Marduk) can reunite with Storm and Redhair and with the use of the Genesis-formula (>4&* or 'go forth and multiply') the asteroid (or Von Neumann's Machine with all the sections/worlds inside) explodes and Pnadarve is saved from the collisioncourse!
BOOK 23, "Navel of the Double God",
From one of the many temples Pandarve has, a very special reliq was stolen. A giant green jewel, known as the "Navel of the Double God". The priests of the Double God offer Storm, Carrot and Nomad a reward for returning the jewel. This mission is not without hazard, but accepted due to their empty wallets. However, the jewel was stolen by an old 'friend'; Boforce, the murderess from the Rotating World. In the howly bridgecity Skeggenesse she even started her own religion based on her carrying the jewel...and her loyal worshippers will defend her at all costs...
BOOK 24, "The Sources of Marduk",
Marduk, the Theocrat of the living planet Pandarve, is dying...The Light which has kept him alive for thousands of centuries, is diminishing! There is only ONE man capable of saving him: his untouchable nemesis Storm! Carrot/Redhair seems to have disappeared and Nomad is being held hostage by Marduk...Storm needs to venture out to the Source to reignite the lifegiving Light and is garded on this dangerous journey by an agent of Marduk, the gorgeous but lethal Brandisse!! But Carrot/Redhair is still around...

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