Censoring Typhoid Mary

Typhoid Mary

Real Name-- Mary (full name unrevealed, possibly Walker or Mezinis)

Class-- unknown, perhaps mutant

Occupation-- mercenary

Affiliations-- Daredevil/Deadpool villain

Scale of Operation-- New York City

Powers-- Mary Walker seems to possess no superhuman powers or at least is unable to access such powers. Her "Typhoid" alter ego, however, is so distinct as to seemingly have a seperate physiology. Typhoid exhibits feats of strength, agility, and fighting prowess that Mary seems incapable of performing, and her metabolism runs so high as to mimic a fever, giving her skin a pinkish hue. Typhoid has exhibited small-scale telekinetic and pyrokenetic abilities and can broadcast subtle telepathic commands. Her victims usually do not realize they are being manipulated and are often of simple commands such as "look at me," although she can use this ability to help make others fall in love with her.

History-- The early childhood of Mary Walker is not well documented. It is known that she worked as a young prostitute in an east-end brothel when an encounter with the hero Daredevil, during one of his first outings as a costumed crimefighter, changed her life. Daredevil had been following a perpetrator and, in the ensuing commotion, accidentally kicked Mary out of the window. Falling several stories, the resultant trauma unleashed her split personality-- an event she would not recall until years later when the mercenary Deadpool accidentally kicked her out of a window, mimicking the situation.

Mary then spent many years in one institution after another as doctors attempted to diagnose or cure her dual personality complex. In her Mary persona, she was fragile, sickly, and prone to epilepsy and other medical disorders. As Typhoid, she was utterly unapproachable and uncontrollable. Also, Typhoid seemed to have none of the ailments, including epilepsy, that haunted Mary. While Typhoid had always known of Mary and her activities, Mary remained unaware that she had an alter ego. More amazing, the two personae had completely different heart rates, alpha waves, electroencephalogram readings, and even different scents. In fact, Typhoid constantly runs a moderate fever. Typhoid did cooperate with her doctors once when they trained her in telekinesis as a test. Typhoid excelled in her talent to move small objects. Mary manifested no such powers.

After several years, Typhoid Mary escaped her institutions and disappeared for a significant time during which she was presumably learning hand-to-hand combat skills. She turned up later as an extremely successful stage actress. After a short but highly acclaimed career, boosted perhaps by Typhoid's ability to control people's minds, she fell out of sight again. Some time later, she appeared in Chicago as Typhoid, operating as a thief and blackmailer.

Typhoid then exploded onto the scene of New York City's Hell Kitchen. In her first known activities, she fought and then seduced a gangster in an alley, manipulated him to become her willing accomplice, seized control of a crack cocaine ring, murdered all its members, and joyfully had sex with her accomplice in the blood-drenched room as she simultaneously set fire to it. She continued a reign of terror by preying on the criminals of Hell's Kitchen, wiping out gambling dens and drug houses and seizing their fortune for herself. She quickly became known to the crime boss overseeing most of these criminal elements, the Kingpin.

Rather than eliminate such an potential enemy, the Kingpin offered Typhoid a million dollars to break the heart of his archenemy, the hero Daredevil. She accepted and devised a plan to set the Mary personality on Daredevil's secret identity, Matt Murdock, and herself on his Daredevil alter-ego. Mary Walker played to Matt Murdock's desires - as a seemingly kind, gentle, and caring volunteer worker with the blind and at the same time a sexually aggressive woman, coming on to Matt at all times and in all public places, including the apartment he shared with his girlfriend, Karen Page. Typhoid Mary played to Daredevil's passions - as an outrageous, violent person, attacking him on public streets at every available opportunity and constantly taunting him with sexual innuendoes. Daredevil became so completely disoriented and confused, his super-senses could not deduce that Mary Walker and Typhoid Mary were the very same woman.

Ultimately, Typhoid's plan worked, but she found her Mary persona truly falling in love with the costumed crimefighter. Worse yet, the Kingpin had fallen under Typhoid's charms and changed her assignment to a simple assassination. But Mary had grown stronger through the love she had for Matt Murdock and Typhoid found herself unable to carry out her assignment because of it. She looked through the Kingpin's files on Daredevil and chose to enlist an army of Daredevil's more recent and powerful enemies to serve as her army, beating Daredevil to the brink of death. Rendered hospitalized, Murdock called out Mary's name instead of that of his erstwhile girlfriend, Karen Page, prompting Karen to leave him.

By this time Mary had been made aware of Typhoid's existence and sought to kill herself by jumping off a bridge. Coincidentally, this had been the same bridge from which Typhoid had dropped Daredevil days before in a previous battle. Mary looked down to see Daredevil fighting for his life against a demon-possessed vacuum cleaner. She rushed to his aid, only to assume Typhoid's persona when the vacuum exploded. Typhoid Mary did not die, however, but simply disappeared, leaving Daredevil despondent, lost, and without friends and without love.

Eventually, Daredevil would recover and set into motion a plan for revenge. Whereas Typhoid once used Mary Walker in order to seduce and manipulate Matt Murdock, Daredevil planned to then exploit Typhoid in order to seduce, manipulate and dominate Mary Walker. Ultimately successful, Daredevil betrayed Mary by leading the authorities to her and falsifying documents that led to her institutionalization for long-term psychiatric evaluation.

Over the years, Typhoid Mary Walker remained by-and-large institutionalized. Over that period of time, she was repeatedly and appallingly physically and mentally examined and even sexually abused. As a kind of defense mechanism against these non-stop violations of her free will and body, new personalities emerged inside her. As a result, she became more mentally ill than ever before. The various personalities would constantly clash for control over "Mary," resulting in excruciating mental pain. With no help or relief in sight, she hired the mercenary called Deadpool to kill herself. When Deadpool broke her out of the mental hospital, Typhoid Mary defeated the other personalities, took control over Mary, and convinced the now-confused Deadpool to spare her.

To pay off the debt Mary owed when she put out the contract on her life, Deadpool forced Typhoid to become an employee of Patch, who operated an agency for mercenaries called the Hell House. Typhoid soon commanded the attention of all the mercenaries lounging at the house, waiting for work, including T-Ray, with whom she had a previous romantic relationship. Typhoid manipulated Deadpool, goading him into revealing more of his dark side. At this point, Deadpool kicked Typhoid through a window, a terrible blow that allowed her early memories to return.

Typhoid then declared revenge against all the men who have ever violated and betrayed her, including the doctors who analyzed and raped her and the judges who kept her institutionalized, with her priority being Daredevil. Upon hearing of Typhoid's escape, Daredevil tracked her down and confronted her, with Deadpool caught in the middle. Typhoid then revealed how Daredevil played a part in the creation of the Typhoid persona, and she blamed him for all the evil that Typhoid had caused. As Daredevil fought back, Typhoid, exhausted from battle and devastated by Daredevil's aggressive denial of responsibility for what she has become, suffered a mental breakdown. Collapsing into an embryonic position and losing consciousness, Deadpool carried Typhoid away against Daredevil's wishes, professing to become her personal care-giver. However, Typhoid later joined Deadpool's archenemy, T-Ray, in a series of attacks on Deadpool that ultimately left him destroyed physically and mentally. Typhoid Mary then embarked on her own.

Eventually, Mary found a way to treat her multiple personality disorder, using hypnosis. Mary then went on to become an actress for a soap opera. The Kingpin, who then recently reclaimed his criminal empire, sought Mary out and, by slapping her, forced her Typhoid persona to reassert itself. The Kingpin ordered Typhoid to kill Daredevil's alter ego, and she agreed. Daredevil was helped by his allies Jessica Jones and Cage, and Typhoid was again defeated.

Adapted from the Gamers' Handbook of the Marvel Universe, a Daredevil Resource essay by Loren Freid, and the Marvel Encyclopedia #5: Marvel Knights
Last updated: 3/31/04

Source: Marvel Handbook