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The Darkness Vol.2 #7

The Darkness Vol.2 #7

The Darkness Level 3

The Darkness Level 3
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The Darkness Level 3


THE DARKNESS (Vol.2; 2002) #7
Writer: Paul Jenkins
Pencil: Eric Basaldua
Colors: Matt Milla
Pages: 32
Price: $2.99

Interior Artwork The Darkness Vol.2 #7 (full color): 1, 2, 3.
Interior Artwork The Darkness Vol.2 #7 (pencils): 15, 18.
Interior Artwork The Darkness Vol.2 #7 (pencils/inks): 6, 10/11, 19

Interior Artwork The Darkness Vol.1 #37 (pencils/inks): 11

"In Search of the Blue Goldfish"

As Darkness-bearer Jackie Estacado takes control of Mafia Family affairs, his first order of business is to clean up the deadwood...and that pretty much describes Ernie Palanco. Ernie has wanted to be a mobster since the day he was born. But what happens when you can't aim a gun, you can't keep hold of the bosses' money, and you keep shooting the wrong people by accident? The blackest of black humor is brought to you in this special stand-alone issue by Paul Jenkins (Spectacular Spider-Man) and Eric Basaldua (The Magdalena).
Full Color 32 pages continuing series


Writer: Paul Jenkins and David Wohl
Pencil: Eric Basaldua
Ink: Rick Basaldua
Covers: Eric Basaldua and Andy Brase
Pages: 32
Price: $2.99

Welcome ot the world of The Darkness. Captain Eddie Shrote is a corrupt cop and he's made one critical mistake. He killed Jenny, the one person Jackie Estacado cares about. And Jackie doesn't forget... and he's certainly doesn't forgive.

This special series, by The Darkness video game/comic scribe and The Darkness co-creator David Wohl, parallels the levels of the video game by 2K, while bringing original stories that show a side of The Darkness you've never seen. These standalone stories can be enjoyed without the video game, but add a new level to the player experience.

Interior Previews The Darkness Level 3: 1 (bw), 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 5 (bw), 6, 10 (bw), 12, 14, 14 (inks), 14 (color), 19

Cover The Darkness Level 3: Andy Brase,


AND guess who made a cameo in "Darkness Level Three"...yup...your fanboy maintaining this site!!
"Richard Boom" aka "boomvavavoom" aka "Boom, R."
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