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The TopCow desk of Eric Basaldua

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In the opposite corner from Rick Basaldua, you'll find Rick's brother and penciling madman Eric Basaldua! Eric's best known for his work on “The Magdalena”, but has most recently done some issues of “Hunter-Killer” and is currently hard at work on an issue of “The Darkness” before moving on to a top-secret project.

  1. The pull file. In addition to being a great place for the guys to post photos from company events, signings, and conventions this filing cabinet contains tons of reference images and books. Eric keeps an additional smaller filing cabinet with additional reference next to his drawing table. On top of it are smaller portfolios which house photocopies of his work, convention sketches, and works in progress.

  2. Eric's drafting table. You'll see the staples of the mirror, desk lamp, and bull clips. Plus some cool work in progress and Eric's reference both for inspiration and references for certain poses he's likely to draw. Eric's specialty is drawing gorgeous ladies so it's not uncommon to find the most beautiful women hanging out at his desk… at least in photos.

  3. Eric's drawer unit which includes drawing supplies, extra tools, and snacks. It also makes a handy table top for a stereo and Eric's beverage of choice – water.

  4. Reference shelves which include comics, trades, books, and magazines.

  5. Some framed pages from Eric's “Magdalena” series. Eric's talent with drawing beautiful women and conveying emotion really shine in this series!

    Source; CBR.CC...also for Silvestri, Millar etc.