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Unknown model

Sascha Knopf was the first Vampirella model to appear on the front cover of a Harris Vampirella comic (Vampirella Strikes #1).  Not only that, but she appeared on 4 different covers versions of the comic.

Vampirella Strikes #1 sold well, giving Harris the confidence to use Vampirella models for other covers, but sadly not Sascha herself.  However she did feature on Scarlet Legion photos (see left) and as a convention model.  Scarlet Letters #15 contained an interview with Sascha which provides some very interesting information.

Sascha also appeared on the P4 and P6 promotional cards for the Vampirella Gallery Trading Card set.  The P4 card shows her in the same Christmas outfit as shown on the Christmas card below - but was obviously another shot at the same photo shoot because she doesn't look anything like as comfortable on the trading card as she does on the Christmas card.

Signed at a comic con

The photo on the left is one of the nicest photos of a Vampirella model I think I've seen.

Sascha looks so natural, and that smile (also seen in the photo below of the Christmas card) is so often lacking on the professional shots on the covers, presumably because Vampirella cannot be seen to smile too often.

The photo came with a special signed copy of Vampirella Strikes #1 that I bought on eBay from Mark Swanson.  It's from his collection and looks to me like it was taken when Sascha was signed his copy at a comic con.  Even better, it's one of the rare Vampirella comics signed by Vampirella herself. 

The photo on the right is my favourite shot of Sascha and my favourite Christmas card.

Update on Sascha:

Once again Terry Sanders (who is constantly in touch with many of the Vampirella models) has sent me the following short update on Sascha Knopf.

Sascha Knopf is one of the all time favorite Vampirella models. She has such a great natural beauty that it was only a matter of time that more of the world noticed her than just her Vampirella following. Vampirella may have got her started, but Sascha's career is just going thru the roof. I am soooo happy for her now that things are going well. I thought I would get in touch with her and let the rest of the fans know how she is doing. 

Terry:  Hi Sascha, I just got some great news that involves you and Playboy. Tell me all about it. What issue? pictorial? interview? etc?

Sascha:  The Playboy issue is the July issue which comes out on June 1st 2001, the same day that the movie that I'm in comes out. The film is called What's the Worst that could Happen. The trailer opened with Hannibal on the 9th of February.

I shot the photos in NYC--because that is where I'm from--and wanted the photos to reflect my personality. The photographer was Marcos Glaviano. 

You may remember a book he published called Sirens. He shoots really sexy pictures of women. That's why I chose him. I will be on the cover and have a nice pictorial. I am happy that I have 100% approval of what gets published.

A portrait in blue
The picture of Sascha above is courtesy of Sean Fernald

Terry: I also read your interview in the December issue of the magazine While You Were Sleeping. Any other magazine articles coming out soon? 

Sascha: I will have a three page spread in FHM magazine which will come out in June (2001).

Terry: The other night I saw your movie BlackMale on cable. Very good movie, twisted, but good. Gotta ask, when you were running thru the house. Slipped and hit your head on the table .....  Ouucchhh!! That had to hurt!! Was that an actual accident, or a planned fall?

Sascha: That was a planned accident, but I really did get hurt. I actually got hurt a lot during that film. I just saw a copy of Loop Dreams which is a documentary on the making of Black Male and it's pretty funny. They have a website too. They showed it at the Independent Film Festival in NYC a few months ago. I'm not sure if they sold it yet or not.

Terry: What can we expect to see you in next? And when should it be out?

Sascha:  "What's the Worst..." will be out on June 1st this year. I did three other films last year, but they were independents, so I'm not sure whether they will be released or not. 

Terry:  Is this movie in any way related to you getting the Playboy coverage?

Sascha:  No, that movie had nothing to do with the Playboy coverage, it's the Devito movie. I play "Miss September" --so it's a publicity tie in. And no, I'm not the centerfold.

Terry:  Anything else you would like to tell us about that is happening in your life now?

Sascha:  I'm up for some great parts right now--but I don't want to say till I'm on the set! No love interests though. :(

Sascha Facts


Real Name:  Sascha Knopf

Birthdate:  February 10th

Star sign:  Aquarius

Eye color:  hazel-brown

Height:   5'6 1/2"

Weight:  I don't weigh myself

Vital statistics:   34 C-D: 25 1/2: 35 1/2


Sascha outside
Photo on the right is courtesy of Sascha Knopf

Sascha Knopf fans can read an interview in Scarlet Letters #15

Below is a list of all the Sascha Knopf Vampirella comic covers:

Vampirella Strikes #1 (regular edition)

Vampirella Strikes #1 (American Entertainment edition)

Vampirella Strikes #1 (newsstand edition)

Vampirella Strikes #1 (limited photo edition)


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