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Barbara Leigh was the first Vampirella model. She was selected to play the part in the series of films that were going to be made as a co-venture between Jim Warren and Hammer Films.  The story goes that the moment she walked into the room they just knew she was the perfect Vampirella and hired her 'on the spot'.

As most fans know the films never did occur (supposedly due to financial difficulties) and Barbara was devastated.  You can read her version of the story on her website if you want to.

Fans still remember her as the first Vampi, and when she turned up at the Chiller Theatre Convention in 1995 she was warmly greeted by fans who had seen her back in 1975 at the Famous Monster Convention when the Hammer/Warren deal looked like happening.

Vampirella #67

She has had a fascinating life, having dated Elvis Presley for many years before his death, appeared in Junior Bonner with Steve McQueen, 'discovered' by Roger Vadim and worked closely with Playboy

Vampirella #74

However, her main claim to fame has to be her Vampirella role, both on the covers of 7 Vampirella magazines (also for Warren's Vampirella #73 she was the model) and at conventions (but not, sadly, the series of films).

She had her own Vampirella costume made for her initial appearances by the "Western Costume" Couturier department for Hammer Films, costing her (reported in Femme Fatales) $7,000 for the costume and $2,000 for the boots (made by DiFabrizio).

Interestingly, the costume and the mannekin wearing the costume were recently up for auction on eBay.  Some lucky fan could have their own Vampirella in their bedroom if they wanted, but the asking price was the original cost of $9,000.  

Update on Barbara:

One Vampirella fan who keeps in touch with most of the Vampirella models is Terry Sanders, and in December 2000 he sent me the following short update on Barbara Leigh.  It is one of the most touching accounts I have read, and I include it here exactly as Barbara wrote her reply when she and Terry were in contact with each other.

Terry: Barbara Leigh is one of the most interesting people in the world.... Really!! If you saw a movie of her life story, and did not know the truth about her you would swear it was fiction. No one could have all those events happen to them. Her life has been just that exciting. 

A new book has just come out. "Fantasy Females", and it certainly has the correct title. And Barbara has a chapter in it. After reading it, I had that hollow feeling, that same kind of sad feeling I get nearly any time I read an article on Barbara. I just think so much of her, it makes me feel bad to read about some of the twists fate has dealt her. I wrote her about this feeling, and she sent me back a response that has made me take a deep look into my own life. Barbara is a very special lady, and here is her feelings about her life, and where she is now.

Barbara:  Hi Terry, I know what you mean by happy endings. I do feel like my life has a happy ending and I liked the ending of Fantasy Females because it was honest. Where I am today is the best place I've ever been in my head. 

I've had more money, more luxuries and more free time but never as much self esteem as I have today. I think with age comes wisdom and if I could relive certain parts of my life I would. I would like to have better educated myself and built another career, one of which I really love more than anything else. That is archeology. 

It's hard to have a happy ending when so many things didn't go the way you wanted them. If one is happy in their heart then one can be happy anywhere and that is what I found out. I could be in any part of the world and feel happy because I am who I am. This is a big statement because a lot of people don't really like themselves. 

I'm at the place now that I want to finish my book, mainly for my Vampirella fans and live out my life in a classy, quiet nature without feeling like I need to be famous or recognized. So many famous people I know are unhappy and have had bad endings. If I'm happy as I am then I've beaten that dreaded ending that so many celebrities fear.

I'm always happy to hear critics as they help me in my book's ending. So please always tell me the truth as you do and I'll learn from it and so will all my other fans too. Thanks for your honesty! I'm real busy but wanted to take this time to write you since you've put so much thought into the book. Take care! love Barbara

Barbara Leigh fans can also read a fascinating and detailed article about her in Femme Fatales Volume #4 #3 (October 1995).

You can also read an interview in Scarlet Letters #14

Below is a list of all the Barbara Leigh Vampirella comic covers:

Vampirella #67 (Warren)

Vampirella #69 (Warren)

Vampirella #71 (Warren)

Vampirella #73 (Warren)

Vampirella #74 (Warren)

Vampirella #76 (Warren)

Vampirella #77 (Warren)

Vampirella #78 (Warren)


Barbara's web site: (click on the picture on the right)

Barbara has a delightful web site which you can access by clicking on her picture on the right.  The site has a very friendly feel, with a personal touch that is unusual in sites for actors. Her life sounds fascinating and there are plenty of Warren covers in the photo section for Vampi fans.  Also, fans can reach Barbara at her Yahoo club site at

Barbara Leigh website

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