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Masuimi Max

Masuimi Max is one of the models featured in the Julie Strain Special and the pictures on this page come from that publication.

At the moment she has not been featured as Vampirella in many situations, and really rose to fame in the Julie Strain Special at the close of 2000, so there isn't too much to know about her yet.

Luckily for us, Vampirella fan Terry Sanders carried out an interview with Masuimi in early 2001, which is printed below.

So, while you are enjoying the pics on this page, dream a little as you discover some of the facts behind this lovely lady.


Masuimi in the garden
Terry's interview - January 2001

I have managed to get in touch with Masuimi Max. She is one of the very lovely models in the Julie Strain Special. If you have seen the special, you know Masuimi makes what I believe to be the most adorable Vampi model yet. This may seem a strange word to describe her. but it fits very well. Check out her web site. In some of her pictures, you would swear it was Betty Page. She make one very beautiful, and yet innocent looking Vampirella. A strange combination, but it works very well for her. So here, in her own words, is a little information about Masuimi.

Terry: I have seen pics of you that look just like another of my favorite people in the world, Betty Page. Where did you get such beautiful features, what is your heritage??

Masuimi:  Thank you!  I am half Korean, half white. I don't look like Betty page right now, my hair is blonde!

Terry:  I have checked out your web site a few times, tell me about you and fire!!!

Masuimi:  Well, I do a flirty performance where I eat and play with my food, lol, I mean fire.  I also do contortion in my act.

Terry:  What kind of projects, videos, etc. have you been in, or have coming up?

Masuimi:  I will be going to London to perform for Torture Garden on the 20th of January I have performed with them several times before.  I am in a magazine called Erotica - Number 10 - this month (January 2001),  centerfold, yeah!!!

Terry:  How did you and the girls get into the Vampi suit that day and Julie shooting pics. Tell us a little about this.

Masuimi I have a really long torso! most things are too short for me, but Julie's clothes fit me perfect!  Unfortunately, I did not shoot with Arban that day!

Terry:  Then we will just wrap up with you telling us anything you want to about yourself. Like, loves, movies, books. What Vampi means to you---anything. Fans love to know everything they can about you.

Masuimi:   Ever since I was a child, I was infatuated with the darker side of humanity.  Like Catwoman or vampires, it was always kinda sexy to me!  I collect boots, whips, latex clothing, corsets and metal. I am going to update my site soon with pictures of my wardrobe room. New pictures of me with blonde hair too!  Definitely new fire and contortion pics.

My favorite movie right now is Road Trip, I love funny movies! I also like Fight Club, twisted.  I haven't had time to read, but when I have time, like when I am on the toilet, lol, I love to read.  I love music, anything from Madonna to White Zombie to DMX to Biohazard.  

Love talking to you guys, smoochies ....... MASUIMI MAX

Masuimi Max with her 'Vampi' look

Masuimi Facts


Real Name:  Masuimi Max

Birthdate:  March 12th, 1978

Star sign:  Pisces

Height:   5'7"

Weight:  120lbs.

Vital statistics:   34D.23.33

Eyes color:   Brown

Hair color:  Ever changing

Now that's a really nice smile

All the photos on this page are from Harris publications and photographed by Julie Strain


Below is a list of all the Masuimi Max Vampirella comics:

Vampirella Presents Julie Strain #1 (all editions)

Masuimi's web site: (click on the picture on the right)

Masuimi's website is a real hot number - with a terrific flash intro with music, sound and leaping visuals.  As with many other models the site is a great advertisement, but it has adult content and you will need to join.  Fans can also reach Masuimi at her Yahoo club site at

The fire-eater

Vampirella pictures taken by Julie Strain
photo taken by Julie Strain photo taken by Julie Strain

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