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07/2005 pics of Kitana added
01/2006 added pics of Arban, Julie, Brinke, Trouvere
01/2006 added pic of Soto in movie-costume
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When I first started collecting Vampirella comics I wasn't very bothered about the various women who have portrayed Vampirella over the years. In fact I knew very little about them, as I preferred the artists impressions of our heroine rather than the real life versions.  Thus, when I started this website I had no intention of even including a section on Vampirella models.

Lately Terry, who has an amazing ability to find people, has also sought out some of the original Vampirella models to interview them, and he and I will be updating and changing these pages as we try to bring you the definitive guide to all the various women involved, what they are doing now and what they thought (and think) of Vampi.

But all that changed after I met Sanders (on the internet). Terry is the lucky guy on the right with his arm around one of the many gorgeous girls who have modeled Vampirella, and no wonder there's a smile on his face.

Terry has a passion for taking photographs of Vampirella and has more photos (I suspect) than anyone else on many of the models, and continues to keep taking them.  He also has a mission to share these photos, which is why he has so many on Scott Stockwell's site and why I just keep on adding photos to my own site. With Terry's help I have really started to feature Vampi models.

Terry Sanders (right) and the unknown Vampirella model
Kathy Bushman

Many ladies have portrayed Vampirella, either officially for Warren Publishing and Harris Publishing, or unofficially at comic conventions and similar events.  All of them look fabulous in their Vampi costumes.

The first ever model would appear to be Kathy Bushman, who is pictured here from the first ever fan page in Warren's Vampirella #4. The photo was taken at the World Science Fiction Convention in St Louis in 1969, making Kathy the first person to be published dressed as Vampirella.

The fan club pages of both Warren's magazines and Harris' comics would feature many more hopefuls, but there's something special about being first - isn't there?  I wonder where Kathy Bushman is now, over thirty years later.

I am not going to pick favourites (how could I?) but I have a certain fondness for the pose Sascha Knopf has adopted for the 1995 Harris Christmas card (see right).  I think it's her smile and the hat, and the fact she really looks as if she's enjoying it.

So come with Terry and me on a tour of the Vampirella models. Some are featured with lots of photos while others are more difficult to find, but all of them have helped create the magic of Vampirella.

We also sneak a look at the Pantha model, partly because Pantha is such a large part of Vampi's life, and partly because she's so gorgeous it would be a sin to leave her out.

So enjoy the world of the Vampirella model .....

Sascha Knopf at Christmas
Cathy Christian Lesley Culton Barbara Leigh Maria d'Angelis

Cathy Christian, one of the very first Vampirella models, featured here on a trading card

Leslie Culton, another early Vampirella with probably the best costume of all Barbara Leigh - the original Vampirella model, seen here on a Warren magazine

Maria d'Angelis - the model who won the 2001 Harris competition

Kitana Baker Sascha Knopf Talisa Soto
Julie Strain - another model to appear on many Vampirella covers  Kitana Baker is the 2004 model who appears on the Comics Magazine Sascha Knopf at the Harris stand at a Comic Con - looking delightful Talisa Soto played Vampirella in the Showtime Vampirella Video

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