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Arban Ornelas is the latest Vampirella to wow them at the comic conventions.
Arban Ornelas Arban Ornelas on a chair

As the pics on this site demonstrate, she looks really good in a Vampirella suit, and she has recently appeared on the Harris web site.  If you want to see more photos, slip over to and enjoy.

In his quest to provide information on as many Vampirella models as possible, Terry Sanders has obtained a mass of great information on this model, and thanks to Terry I can add it to Arban's page on my site.

Here is some general information, in Arban's own words.  I have put her statistics in a small table below.

My father is Mexican Indian and Spanish, my mother is Irish, German and English...there is rumoured to be Brazilian, Philippine and French to be in there too!  I am named after a 19th century trumpet composer my father wrote his doctoral dissertation on...I would have been named Arban even if I was a boy.   I was born in Beaumont, TX, and now live in Seattle and LA.

My favorite comic books are Vampirella, WonderWoman, Eightball and Meatcake.  My favorite t.v. shows are Politically Incorrect, the Daily Show on Comedy Central, the Twilight Zone, Twin Peaks, Northern Exposure, anything on the FOOD Network, Sex and the the City.  Favorite movies are Bladerunner ( Directors Cut), Santa Sangre, Barbarella, Vegas in Space, ANYTHING by David Lynch...and many, many more!!!

I am working on my own comic book, and will have some artwork up on my site ( soon to come!).  I am also being painted by Olivia, and have been painted by Simon Bizley for the cover of Heavy Metal.

Rear shot of Arban
I just need to adjust my costume ...

I have starred in two Troma movies, Soul Stripper and Freeride with other Vampirella models, Julie Strain and Masuimi Max...both are in post production....  

I also did the Bare Wentch Project 2,(out soon) and you can access the site through  My site is soon to come, in the meantime, check out my Club on YAHOO (see below).

It was a thrill to be at the 2000 San Diego Comic Con as Vampi. I have always been fascinated by the seductive enigma of Vampirella. She is a powerful, sensual, raven haired goddess, who is both campy and me!.  I loved posing for the shots...I believe we got a few peek-a-boo ones!!!! I'm proud to be a part of Vampi History!

LOVE, Arban

Arban Facts


Real Name:  Arban Ornelas

Birthdate:  October 20th, 1976

Horoscope sign:  double Libra/Virgo moon, the Year of the Dragon

Height:   5'7"

Weight:  120lbs.

Vital statistics:   34D.23.351/2

shoe size:  size 8 or 8 1/2 shoe

Hi everyone -- I'm Vampirella
Dealing with the fans

One of the things you will notice if you look at the photos on this page is that Arban wears boots, and in her interview with Terry she admitted the following:

I admittedly have a boot fetish, which is part of the reason I am sooo excited about being Vampi.

Now we know what she wants for Christmas ...... 

All the pics on this page come from the San Diego 2000 Comic Convention and were taken by Kevin Green.

Click on the pics in the article above to view a bigger version

Arban Ornelas fans can read an interview in Scarlet Letters #18

Below is a list of all the Arban Ornelas Vampirella comics:

Vampirella Presents Julie Strain #1 (all editions)

Vampirella pictures taken by Julie Strain
photo taken by Julie Strain photo taken by Julie Strain

XXX pictures

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