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Vampirella with a spider - Persephone

The dramatic Vampirella with the spider tattoo on the left is none other than 'Mistress Persephone'.  Although not an official Vampirella model (yet) I suspect it will simply be a matter of time.

Persephone was so fascinated by the Vampirella character that she had the costume made up herself for a couple of photo shoots (see her own description below).  She also wore it on stage as a go-go dancer, and has been featured in Femmes Fatales

Her web site contains a great Q&A section where she frankly talks about herself (I should say writes about herself) and anyone interested in finding out more about this fascinating lady really ought to surf onto her site by clicking on the link below.

Although her black widow tattoo on her stomach isn't really the Vampirella we all know - it's kinda different, isn't it?

Photo courtesy of Mistress Persephone

On 29th October 2000 Persephone e-mailed the following to Terry Sanders who passed it on to me:

I had the Vampirella costume made by Roma Bikini in Hollywood directly from the Frank Frazetta poster. That was always my favorite Vampi, and I felt it was also the most flattering costume design.

I always loved Vampirella and first discovered her image as a child because of the Misfits. I was immediately entranced by her persona and have been ever since. I always envied the models who got the chance to portray her so I took it upon myself to have the costume made and pay tribute to her just for the hell of it!

Actually, I was recently photographed by one of the Vampi models, Julie Strain, for her photo book. She didn't shoot me in the costume though! I wore the costume for a couple photo shoots and once on stage when I go-go danced for The Ghastly Ones, but other than that it is just a permanent addition to my fantasy wardrobe.

A really sexy Vampirella

I'd like to shoot in it again sometime but I'll have to wear a wig this time since my hair is no longer black!! Lucky for me I collect wigs as well as costumes because I do performance art along with my photo shoots. Hmm ... maybe one day I will incorporate it into one of my acts!

Who knows, if enough people write to the people at Vampirella, maybe I can be a Vampi cover girl someday, tattoos and all!

Finally, in 2003, Kevin Martin sent me some black and white photos of Persephone shot at her mansion in California.  As he stated in his e-mail to me - she hasn't worn the Vampirella costume for some time but it still fits her pretty well.  Two of the photos are below.

Persephone reading Vampirella Persephone - still cool in the costume

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