When looking at the amazing artwork artist often do and feeling awe about such awesome pictures, you find yourself wondering sometimes 'how do they do that?'...
Sometimes the artists themselves get inspiration by photographes they take themselves or cut out of a clothingcatalogue...
Here I would like to portrait some of my (and others) finds in order to see how a reallife person can be transformed in a person from the artist's fantasy!!

MOVE OVER the pictures to see them change and CLICK in order to view them bigsized!!

She-Buccaneer by Bill Hughes

Darkchylde by Randy Queen

Darkchylde by Randy Queen

Nikki by Randy Queen

Clint Eastwood by Suydam

Danger Girl by Mack

Sopranos by David Finch

Echo by Mack

Fathom by Ale Garza

Mandy Amano by David Mack

Black Cat by Tucci

Brittany York by Jim Balent

Julie Strain by Boris

Jenna Jameson as Witchblade by Ebas

Pam as Satana, by Greg Land

Tucci as Green Lantern by Sparky

Spider-Man by Suydam

Sheena by Tim Seeley

Julie Strain by Luis Royo

Lady Death by Matt Martin

Keira as Red Sonja, by Batista

Adriana Lima as Red Sonja, by Mark Sparacio

Angelina Jolie as Elektra by Deodato Jr.

Cassie-model by Stefano Caselli

Demi Moore as Avengelyne, by Rob Liefeld

Demi Moore as Witchblade by Mike Choi

Cindy Crawford by Ebas

Druuna-model by Serpieri

HFH #3 (by Black Cat) Tucci

HFH #5 by Tucci

Cavewoman-model Zilda by Al Rio

Cindy Crawford by Al Rio

Denise Richards as Buffy by Al Rio

Gory Lory-model Alexxus Young

Warrior-model Alexxus Young

Alley by Dorian Cleavanger

Alley by Olivia

Vampirella cover

Blue (Dogwitch) by Dan Schaffer

Tiffany Taylor by Liam Sharp

Lady Death-model Leslie Culton by David Beck

Wolverine by Mike Deodato Jr.

Hulk by Mike Deodato Jr.

Deacon Black after Vargas

Veronika Kotlajic by Lorenzo Sperlango

Pamela Anderson by Lorenzo Sperlango

Shae Marks by Lorenzo Sperlango

Jill de Jong by Edwin Rhemrev

Joe Chiodo after Vargas

Julie Lynn Cialini
by Randy Queen after Vargas

Aria Giovanni by Drew Posada

Aria Giovanni by Drew Posada

Pamela Anderson by Michael Mobius

Marilyn Monroe by Michael Mobius

Marilyn Monroe by J.M. Linsner

Heidi Klum by Alex Posada

Alley MacBaggett by Dorian Cleavanger

Alley MacBagget as Alleycat by Matt Busch

Joe Quasada and his 9/11 tribute

Witchblade by Monte M. Moore

Chicago-showgirl by William Tucci

Victoria Secret model by William Tucci

William Tucci's cover to SHI/Cyblade

Deborah Tucci as Shi by William Tucci

Kabuki and the doctor by David Mack

Transmetropolitan oneshot (I hate it here) by David Mack

Daniela Pestova as Aspen Matthews by Michael Turner

Preacher/Fabry by Glenn Fabry

Crimson-cover of Stacy Walker by Joe Jusko

Stacy Walker by Dave de Vries

Maria DiAngelis by Leon Atkinson

Maria DiAngelis by Leon Atkinson

Betty Boop after Marylin Monroe

J.M. Linsner after Boop


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