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Heidi at the costume parade

Heidi Saha was probably the youngest featured Vampirella in either the Warren or Harris comics.

She is pictured on the left from the article Two Vampirella's stun 5,500 at 1973 Comic Art Convention published in Warren's Vampirella #29 in November 1971.  It is claimed she is 14 years old.

The occasion was the Sixth Annual New York Comic Art Convention, and Heidi won one of the three grand prizes for her costume.  The other Vampirella was Angelique Trouvere.

For quite a while after this Warren magazines ran the advertisement shown below, offering posters and art books for sale.  

For some years I heard nothing more on Heidi, then in March 2001 someone called Gentleman John e-mailed me with information explaining Heidi was now an artist having modeled for science fiction book covers earlier, and that she had known many of the science fiction greats such as Isaac Asimov (see quote in poster below).

Then, in February 2003 Deirdre Perez (nee Boardman) e-mailed me to tell me her mother, Perdita Boardman, was the designer and creator of the costume and bat Heidi wore in the photo above. Her mother always loved the bat the most, and was disappointed never to see it again until Deirdre stumbled onto my website. 

The Heidi Saha advertisement

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