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Julie Strain was recently the Vampirella model, and as we've seen a lot of Vampirella covers featuring the lady - plus her presence on the Vampirella website.

Julie used her own photographer on the Vampirella costume shoot, and admits to preferring the classic Vampi costume rather than the battle armor (for more details on Vampi's costume click here).

In Scarlet Letters #14 she claims to have a special feeling for the Vampirella character, which I think shows in some of the covers she posed for in Vampirella Monthly.

Julie has appeared in a great many films and comic stories, possibly because she is married to Kevin Eastman, the editor of Heavy Metal.

Julie Strain at her photoshoot
Julie - a la mode Looking at Julie Strain in the picture on the right (obviously a comic con shot) makes you wonder how both the fans and the staff on the stand cope.  Do you get used to a gorgeous woman in a swimsuit on the stand beside you?  In fact do you start to not notice?  The mind boggles .... Julie on one of her convention appearances

Update on Julie:

Terry Sanders (who is constantly in touch with many of the Vampirella models) has sent me the following short update on Julie Strain.

Terry:  Hi Julie, All the Vampirella fans are aware or the model search that just took place in NYC. Does this mean you are retiring as the Vampirella model?

Julie: No,  I still want to do it.  No one can replace me.  They just need a convention girl cause I'll be hitting the mall instead.

Terry:  While we are at it, I would like to ask you a few other questions.  I recently heard that you have as many as 5 different Vampi suits.  Why so many?

Julie: Harris complained about the size of the crotch.  It was too small. So we are G rated after all!

Terry:  How has your marriage to Kevin affected your career?

Julie:  He packs my lunch.....and the $$$$ helps me take time off instead of grinding out any job that's offered. Plus I get to buy cool costumes, shoes and hats.

Terry:  Your Vampirella action figure has just come out. Are you happy with the results?

Julie: Yes I love it.  It has more muscles than me but the chest is smaller,

Terry: I have seen numerous pictures you have taken lately in several magazines. How and when did your interest in photography start?

Julie:  It's art and I'm tired of wearing makeup. [Edit: she likes taking pictures of her friends, like Arban and Masuimi]

Terry:  I know you have a birthday coming up. And it is the big 40.  Would you share with us your feelings on this, and the exact date?

Julie:  It's February 18th.  In 2001 I was 39. I don't care as I think I look good and if I gain weight my face will look even better.  Right now my body is most important.  My face is a little thin but I've got a great butt.

Terry:  Are there any current projects, or anything else going on that you would like to tell the fans about? 

Julie:  I'm queen extra on VIP my episodes aired in March 2001 (in the USA).  Don't blink or you'll miss me.

Terry:  And lastly, something that I know every Vampi fan in the world wants to see. You in a Vampirella movie. Is there any possibility that this will ever happen? 

Julie:  Well, originally I was picked for the part.  Then they went behind my back and used Talisa Soto, so we'll see.   I'm not asking for another go but I won't turn it down.  I only film in LA now -  no more flying for me.

Julie Strain is certainly a very beautiful woman. And I for one hope she remains as Vampirella a very long time.
Terry Sanders

Julie Facts


Heritage:  Irish, Welsh, Scottish, German

         and French

Birthdate:  February 18th

Natural hair color:  dark chocolate

Shoe size:   81/2 to 9

Eye color:  brown

Height:   6'1"

Weight:  141 lbs

Vital statistics:   38-26-36

Special Julie signed cover
Vampirella Christmas (a relation of Father ...)

The Vampirella 2001 calendar contains the fabulous Christmas pic of Julie on the right.

With her Father Christmas hat on and her smile and beckoning finger I can imagine a lot of Vampirella fans who'd just love to have Julie slipping down the chimney on Christmas Eve.

As an extra, check out the Harris Christmas card for the year 2000 - Julie does it again.

All the photos on this page are from Harris publications

Julie Strain fans can read an interview in Scarlet Letters #13 and Q&A with Julie in Scarlet Letters #14

Julie is also featured in the Vampirella Presents Julie Strain Special

Below is a list of all the Julie Strain Vampirella comic covers:

Vampirella Monthly #16 (limited photo edition)

Vampirella Monthly #16 (signed and numbered limited photo edition)

Vampirella Monthly #17 (limited photo edition)

Vampirella Monthly #17 (signed and numbered limited photo edition)

Vampirella Monthly #21 (regular photo edition)

Vampirella Monthly #21 (limited alternate photo edition)

Vampirella Monthly #21 (signed and numbered photo edition)

Vampirella Monthly #22 (regular photo edition)

Vampirella Monthly #22 (alternate photo edition)

Vampirella Monthly #22 (signed and numbered photo edition)

Vampirella 30th Anniversary Celebration Preview

Vampirella Dangerous Games Limited Preview Ashcan

Vampirella Legendary Tales #1 (limited Julie Strain cover)

Vampirella Legendary Tales #2 (limited Julie Strain cover)

Julie Strain Special (regular cover)

Julie Strain Special (limited alternate cover)

Julie Strain Special (chrome cover)

Julie Strain Special (holochrome cover)

Julie's web site: (click on the picture on the right)

Wow - Julie Strain has a powerful web site. It's adults only all the way (apart from a fascinating biography that tells you a lot about the lady) and you can see a lot of Julie and her friends for free, but I suspect you can see even more if you join (for a fee).  She is obviously a very dedicated and ambitious gal - and I say good luck to her.

Julie Strain web site

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