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Angelique Trouvere (also known by the stage name Destiny) was one of the two Vampirella's that appeared in costume at the Sixth Annual New York Comic Art Convention.  The other one was the young (very young) Heidi Saha. 

She is described in the article in Warren's Vampirella #29 (dated November 1973) as 'well-proportioned and ravishing'.  The pic on the right (taken from that issue of Vampirella and supplied to me by Rick Perriguey confirms this).

Terry Sanders obtained one of the pics below, which feature her and are ones she sent him.  Terry is a longtime fan of all Vampirella models (check out Scott Stockwell's site on my Links page to see just hundreds of his photos) and he tracked her down and interviewed her for Scarlet Letters #18.  

Angelique also appeared in Scarlet Letters #5 (with Brinke Stevens and Forrest Ackerman).  Check it out.


If you aren't already a member of the Harris Vampirella fan club then you really should be.  There is a ton of good stuff, especially lots of interviews with Vampirella models, news, special offers, checklists and everything 'Vampirella'.  Go to the Harris website to check it out.

Angelique in costume

Now for a special Vampirella Revealed exclusive.  When Terry was interviewing Angelique for his interview in Scarlet Letters #18 (see below) he asked some additional questions that never made it into print.  With Angelique's permission I am publishing these additional questions and her answers here.  This interview really gives us a glimpse into Angelique's sense of humour, as well as revealing more fascinating material from one of the original Vampirella models.

Terry:  Going back to your Vampirella appearance in the 1970s, I'd like to ask a few personal questions.  First, how tall are you?

Angelique:   Unfortunately, I'm not very tall. I usually hear, "Wow, you look so much taller on stage." -- it could be the heels but I have gotten that even when I was barefoot -- guess I have a "tall aura" or something... I figured that what I lacked in height, I made up for with my brilliantly deviant mind and compassionate and positive spirit. My actual height is 5 foot 2 inches.

Angelique Trouvere

Terry:   How about your weight?

Angelique:  I believe that my weight at that time was around 120-125lbs.

Terry:   To continue with the personal questions, what is your natural hair color?

Angelique:  Dark brown but I usually wore a jet black wig to enhance the image.

Terry:   And the colour of your eyes?

Angelique:  Bedroom....oh, I mean hazel --a ctually I don't know why "hazel" is used to describe eyes that are green and brown; depending on the amount of light they're in, after all "hazel" refers to the color of the nut: yellowish-brown ...(?).  I wonder if anyone "out there" know the answer? (While we're at it, does anyone know how you get the name "Peggy" out of Margaret??)



The photo left is courtesy of Angelique Trouvere and was sent to Terry Sanders

Terry:   Now, for the guys - your measurements.

Angelique:    This I remember. 36-26-37 -- and sometimes 36-24-36 -- it's a girl thing... (you gotta know these things when you're wearing a skimpy outfit).

Terry:    Your birth date?

Angelique:  December 23, 19#...for any astrologers out there, I'm a one- degree Capricorn with several planets in Libra and Sagittarius -- it's kinda like living in a house that's owned by a responsible and sometimes cranky person that lives in the basement 

Angelique Trouvere

and is constantly yelling upstairs to the rowdy, childlike (childish?) libertines and followers of Epicurus and Monty Python to behave.

Terry:   Is Angelique Trouvere your real name?

Angelique:  Absolutely. I'd like to have a middle name but that would be too many letters....(actually, I wouldn't mind having a more conventional (?) last name -- maybe I should get married to some nice guy named Cooper or Jones or something.... --- do you guys offer a dating service?)

Terry:  Anything else you'd like to add?

Angelique:  One thing, I remembered another comic character I did: Starfire, a  short-lived DC comic but neat outfit: I had my girlfriend spray a special pattern I made onto the leotard as I wore it -- talk about a custom fit!

Also, there was a question in the Scarlet Letters interview where you asked what would I tell today's Vampirellas: I thought further about it and would like to amend my answer slightly: remember the importance of family, to seek and give love to the special people in your life, to be the best mom you can be as it's the most important job in the world, to always help the helpless (like children and animals and the sick and injured) and to look after yourself and your educational needs--you can do amazing things if you believe in yourself ... or how about a favorite motto? (One of mine is: "A clean body, a clean mind: take your pick" or how about one in Latin (ala Caveat Emptor): "Semper Ubi Sub Ubi" ( "Always wear under wear"--this is an actual Latin phrase and was meant to be humorous--oh those loopy Romans!)

By the way -- did you know that Pontius Pilot was born in Scotland?   Maybe the next Jesus movie should feature Billy Connolly in the role of Pilot? -- "Oh! That's it! I've had it with the smeggin' lot of you! I wash ma hands of the whole bloody business--I'm off to the Pub!" Oh yeah, Billy Connolly is my favorite comedian.

Terry: Thank you very much for your time.


The three photos, very top right, signed to Rick and above, are courtesy of Rick Perriguey  

Angelique Trouvere fans can read Terry's interview in Scarlet Letters #18

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