Kabuki's world is set in the near future, in Kyoto; a city in Japan that was once the country's capital, but is now (in the story) a breeding ground for corruption.

Kabuki belonged to a corporation called the Noh, that had a set of eight 'Masks' that were so secret that they were put on TV, and the only people that knew they really existed were the Yakuza and other criminals that the Masks of the Noh put out of business. The Masks were:Butoh, Ice, Kabuki, Scarab, Siamese, Snapdragon, and Tigerlily.

The Noh was set up by a group of men, one of which brought Kabuki up; The General, as he is known, was a real general in WWII, and when his camp recieved comfort women, he did not let his men molest them, but made the women perform Kabuki dramas.

He fell in love with one of these women, Tsukiko, but his son, Kai, hated the fact that his father loved another after his mother's death. The fact that this other woman was not even a true Japanese (she was Ainu - soldiers never took Japanese girls as comfort women), maddened him, and so he raped and almost killed her, carving the grisly epitah "KABUKI" into her back, and cutting out her eyes, saying "In this light,I can almost see why my father likes you. You have my mothers eyes. She wants them back." Tsukiko was kept alive at Japan's finest hospital, but she never regained true consiousness. Not only that; she was pregnant by Kai. When the baby, a girl, was born, Tsukiko died in childbirth. The girl was named Ukiko; "Girl of the Rain".

The General brought Ukiko up as his own daughter, but he could not keep Kai from discovering the truth about the girl. When he did, he went mad and carved the Japanese "Kabuki" into her face, forever scarring her.

From then on, Ukiko was deemed too ugly for her ballet classes, and her scars frightened her fellow classmates. She wasn't able to play the piano, as it had been playing when Kai nearly killed her. So the General enrolled her in martial arts classes. She excelled in everything, and when the Noh was set up, the General enrolled Ukiko again; as the Mask Kabuki.

Kabuki was the finest and most popular Mask; she was on Noh TV, informing Kyoto that "Little Sister is Watching You" and giving information about the weather andnews and such, as well as stopping drugs barons, arms dealers and other criminals with the other Masks.

But Kabuki 'defected'; she was given the chance to kill Kai, and avenge her mother; this she did, but was mortally wounded in the fight with the Noh directors afterwards. Saved by the Control Corps. Witness Protection Program, she's now in an Institution, being hunted down for extermination by the other Masks, and trying to escape...

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